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<h3>Got Water? </h3>

Got Water?

The TH300 portable soil moisture probe from Dynamax is fast, accurate, easy to use, and works well in a wide variety of soils, including artificial potting medias. In just a few seconds, soil water content can be measured, stored in memory, and later output to a PC. Irrigation requirements can now be determined based on fast and accurate soil moisture data.

The TH300 “Big Stick” combines the HH2 hand-held readout with the SM150 soil moisture sensor, which is based on the TH2O and ML2 Theta probe technology. Volumetric water content, ± 3 percent is measured with little or no temperature or salinity effects and up to 1,100 time-stamped readings can be stored in memory in the HH2. Data is output using a supplied RS-232 cable.

For more information, visit www.dynamax.com.