Powerful Brush for Debris

Ariens Company’s Hydro Brush 36 is the newest addition to the Power Brush line. The Hydro Brush is an all-season machine capable of moving snow, sand, dirt and gravel.

The unit features a Hydro-Gear RT-210 transmission, which is designed with a thermal management system to prevent overheating and allows for infinite speed control, smooth operation and minimal maintenance. Speed can be adjusted while the power brush is still moving, eliminating jumping or lurching with speed changes.

The multi-functional Hydro Brush is capable of removing up to 6-inches of snow and other debris from sidewalks, driveways and decorative surfaces like patio brick or cobblestone. It can also be used to dethatch or remove gravel from lawns. Automatic traction control optimizes maneuverability, and the 40-degree brush head rotation with an operator-controlled pivot lock simplifies changing the head direction. A height adjustment system accommodates various surfaces and improves brush wear.

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Super Spreaders from SnowEx

SuperMaxx II spreaders from SnowEx are available with 3.3-, 4.3- and 6-cubic-yard capacities. The spreaders feature an enhanced material feed system with a stainless steel trough, where brine and salt are mixed before being delivered to the spinner. They also feature unique cab-forward hoppers, which are made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant polyethylene and include a multi-angle design to promote a continuous flow of material to the auger feed system. An inverted “V” baffle and attached vibrator reduce clumping and allow the units to spread all bulk materials, including 100 percent salt, 100 percent sand and any combination in between.

With a variable spread width up to 40 feet, the unit’s 12-inch stainless-steel spinner contains adjustable cups for maximum control over the spread pattern. When not in use, the modular, low-profile spinner assembly can be flipped into the upright position, providing full access to the vehicle’s hitch.

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Reel ‘Em In

Hannay Reels 1100 Series portable hose reel is lightweight and ideal in countless applications requiring the transport of hose, including washdown and spray. This model features a steel handlebar, a one-piece foot and rubber tires. The handlebar is detachable for ease of transportation and storage, while a camlock brake device is used to brake the reel. Payout and rewind are easier with a permanently attached crank, lifetime bearings and an adjustable tension feature.

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Happy Hauling

Rugby Manufacturing’s redesigned line of Eliminator LP dump bodies are available in carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel construction in 9- and 11-foot lengths with interchangeable parts. A 12-foot model is available in carbon steel and aluminum. The steel model now features a seamless, one-piece 10 gauge steel floor for optimum strength and durability. A lower mounting height improves stability on all models, while a full 9-foot inside diameter allows for full sheets of plywood or other materials.

All models are available with fold-down sides and feature Rugby’s patented EZ-LATCH upper tailgate mechanism, which releases the tailgate quickly and keeps it more secure when closed. New features also include a front corner post, standardized cab shields throughout the line, understructure with installed wire harness loops and bolt-on tarp hooks.

The stainless steel Eliminator LP is corrosion-resistant.

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