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Sustainable Pavers

The INFLO permeable paver by Techo-Bloc is a tongue-and-groove paver with a unique design that allows for the efficient management of rainwater runoff, allowing stormwater to be directly absorbed into the ground. INFLO pavers are made from concrete and are generally light in color so they reduce the heat islands effect created by impermeable asphalt surfaces. The pavers can be used for various applications, such as shopping center parking lots, driveways, patios, sidewalks and more.

For more information, visit http://www.techo-bloc.com.

Super Sprayers

TurfEx’s TL40D backpack sprayer and TL20 hand-held sprayer are designed for professional application of liquid chemicals, including fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides.

With an empty weight of 13 pounds, the TL40D backpack sprayer includes a 4.3-gallon tank with a cone-shaped bottom that ensures all liquid flows to the manually pressurized diaphragm pump. The sealed, dual-stage pump is centrally located at the bottom of the tank, allowing consistent spraying pressure and flow. To pressurize the unit, the unit includes an ergonomically designed handle, which can be easily switched from one side of the tank to the other for right- or left-hand pumping. Once pressurized, the unit provides long spraying times in-between pump strokes, with a maximum spraying distance of 25 feet and pressure up to 70 PSI. It includes adjustable padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for operator comfort.

The TL20 hand-held sprayer offers a 2-gallon tank with a high-efficiency pump for quick pressurization. It also contains professional-duty seals and O-rings for maximum durability. Other standard features include a pressure relief valve and a three-in-one accessory, which serves as a funnel for easy tank filling, a filter for straining the liquid, and a spray shield for focusing the application.

Both sprayers include professional-duty spray wands, which come with adjustable and flat-fan nozzles to accommodate a variety of applications.

Go to http://www.turfexproducts.com for information.