What’s New


Hail to the Chief

To meet the needs of numerous fuel transfer and storage applications, JohnDow Industries has expanded its Gas Caddy line to include a 15-gallon unit, The Fuel Chief. The caddy has applications in numerous markets, including the lawn care and landscape industries. The Fuel Chief unit meets the need for safe, effective and affordable portable fuel storage.

Renew Mulch Beds

The R450 Redefiner from Brown Products is powered by a GX 160, 5.5 hp engine and weighs only 95 pounds. It redefines existing mulch beds at speeds up to 60 feet per minute, depending on blade depth and soil conditions. The unit is ideal for making tree rings and fancy bed designs.

Protect Your Turf

Tenax turf reinforcement (TR) mats are available in a 6.7-by-100-foot size with 1-by-1 mesh in the color green and protect turf from rutting. TR mats have a permanent application and withstand the loading of cars and trucks.

Ground protection (GP) mats come in a 6.7-by-60-foot size with 5/8-by-5/8 mesh and the color green and offer temporary or permanent application. Ideal for larger areas, they can be unrolled when needed and reused for future use.

Complete Hose Control

Coxreels has added bend restrictors to its reel accessories product line. This hose option is available on low-pressure hose reels with .25, 3/8 and .5-inch of PVC, rubber and nitriele hose handling 300 PSI of working pressure. The bend restrictors are made of durable and flexible PVC that provides a convenient grip for increased hose control and mobility, and are designed to limit the degree of bending without compromising the integrity of the hose assembly while also preventing the hose-end from kinking, wearing and tearing.

Go Green!

The Mete-R-Matic III and Mete-R-Matic XL from Turfco feature patented Chevron belts for uniform application of sand, compost, crumb rubber or calcine clays, regardless of moisture content. An eco-friendly, patented, ground-drive system as­sures uniform spread, even at varying speeds, and with no hydraulics, PTOs or engines, speed calibration is not required. The Mete-R-Matic III has a 23-cubic-foot hopper capacity, and the Mete-R-Matic XL has a 60-cubic-foot hopper.

Left-Hand Convenience

Country Clipper’s 27 hp, 52-inch JAZEE PRO zero-turn riding mower now offers left-hand joystick steering control.

In 1991, Country Clipper introduced the joystick to control speed and direction. The left-hand joystick answers growing demand in consumer requests for single, left-hand steering operation.

The Stecavator

The Stecavator from Blec USA, Inc. comes in both a standard and a heavy-duty range. The standard range features 41 to 80-inch working widths for 18 to 85 hp tractors, and the heavy-duty range features 71 to 118-inch working widths for 75 to 150 hp tractors. All models feature oil bath gear drive, reverse-tine technology and stone-burying capability.

Get The Most From Your Truck

The skid-mounted water tank is the latest product from Marrell Corp. It attaches to the truck by using the Ampliroll Hooklift System, and while attached it can be used for dust mitigation, irrigation of roadside vegetation and light fire suppression. The tank is available in 1,250, 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000-gallon capacities, pumping up to 325 gallons per minute. It can be equipped with 3-inch grooved nozzles, side spray nozzles and even a water cannon. All functions can be controlled from the driver’s seat.

One Step Prep

Cherrington introduces an optional powered roller for its seedbed preparation Rock & Root Screeners. The counter-rotation roller tills, grades and prepares the soil for immediate screening to remove rocks, stones and roots. Load and screen the topsoil off all objects larger than the selected screen hole size. No need for a second pass, the entire surface is screened-clean for a perfect seedbed the first time.

Spread in One Pass

The Raycam Speedresser 18 is a bulk drop-spreader designed to handle topdressing materials. Flotation tires minimize the risk of turf compaction. The unit is capable of spreading in one pass in depths from 2 to 75mm and a spreading width of 5.8 feet. Requires 30 hp minimum with spool valve fitted.

The Speedresser 18 is distributed exclusively by Blec USA.

Flexible Aquatic Planters

Aquatic Planters from Aquacape are constructed of fine porous material that allows water in, but keeps soil from entering into the pot. They will not break or crack like plastic containers and can be molded to fit in tight spaces. The planters are available in two-pack units and come in small (6 by 6 inches), medium (8 by 6 inches) and large (12 by 8 inches). Ideal for all pond plants.