Women Of The Green Industry Announce Meeting Dates

Two meetings will be held in June and July and are focused on professional development.

Kyle Daniel and Lindsey Purcell lead the 2019 Women of the Green Industry tour. (Photo provided by Kyle Daniel)

The Women of the Green Industry will hold two meetings in June and July focused on professional development. The first meeting will take place virtually Tuesday, June 20, at noon, spotlighting turf and landscaping expert Beth Berry. Berry is the vice president of sales for Advanced Turf Solutions and has 30 years of experience in technology, operational management, regulatory compliance, and commercial sales. Her presentation will cover why the Green Industry is an attractive path for female entrepreneurs.

The second meeting will take place in-person Tuesday, July 18, after Purdue University’s Turf and Landscape Field Day, at 3:30 p.m. Kyle Daniel, Purdue Extension nursery and landscape outreach specialist, will lead a group tour of departmental facilities during this meeting. The full-day event includes various educational activities and a trade show relevant to the industry.

Daniel says, “There is a lot of excitement from the members to be involved and for developing a network of females in the industry. We encourage men and women to join the group to gain a deeper perspective of your fellow colleagues’ experiences within the green industry.”

In addition to this year’s meetings, the Women of the Green Industry meet regularly on the first Tuesday of every month via Zoom. The organization offers free networking, educational, and leadership opportunities to retain and attract more female professionals to the Green Industry. The meetings are open to both women and men. More details regarding the organization, meetings, and registration can be found on the Purdue Landscape Report website. To attend the July 18 meeting, email Daniel at daniel38@purdue.edu by June 21 to RSVP.

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