10 Quick Plowing Tips To Protect Your Transmission



According to BOSS Snowplow, transmission damage is one of the most common problems that can occur while plowing. BOSS recommends the following steps to help protect your truck transmission:

• Do not plow in overdrive unless your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual recommends it.
• Plan your plow pattern so that you drive forward as much as possible.
• Come to a complete stop before shifting from forward to reverse.
• Wait until the transmission engages before accelerating.
• Accelerate slowly, allowing the tires to grip the road surface for better traction. Avoid spinning the tires.
• Start driving forward before lowering the plow for a pass.
• Whenever possible, back into a cleared area.
• If you have a manual transmission, avoid riding the clutch while plowing.
• Change the transmission fluid before and during the plowing season. If the fluid has a burnt smell, change the fluid as soon as possible.
• You can install an inline transmission heat gauge to monitor the temperature in your transmission. If it reaches 121°C (250°F), let the vehicle idle until the fluid cools.

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  1. Good read. I got an ATV plow just recently which I ordered from 4wheelonline. I thought it was the same but when I checked it was QuadBoss. Not sure if they’re from the same company. Anyway, thanks for the awesome tips you guys mentioned in this article.

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