Get Equipped: Snow And Ice Management Equipment

This assortment of snow and ice management equipment can improve and add value to the professional services you offer your company’s clients.


This assortment of snow and ice management equipment can improve and add value to the professional services you offer your company’s clients.

snow and ice management equipment

ASV Snow Attachments

New ASV-branded snow attachments provide traction with plenty of pushing power. The introduction of ASV’s snowblower, snow blade, and snow pusher allows operators to tackle winter jobs with efficiency. The snowblower features a 4-blade fan, heavy-duty gearbox, and a high-carbon steel cutting edge to plow through snow and ice. Plus, a No-Freeze-Up chute design seals out snow and freezing slush to minimize downtime. Additionally, operators can add an optional rubber cutting edge to the snow pusher for work in sensitive areas such as sidewalks and grass. The 6-way dozer blade for grading and leveling rounds out these attachment updates with heavy-duty construction and a hydraulically controlled blade.

Hilltip SprayStriker HFE (Hi-Flow Electric) Series

Hilltip’s SprayStriker HFE series of de-icing sprayers feature the industry’s only electric-driven high-fl ow pumps. Available with tank capacities from 500 to 3,250 gallons, HFE series sprayers include specialized dual high-fl ow pumps and fl ow meters to pump exact application rates on demand with instant responsiveness. Because no bypass system is used, energy requirements are significantly reduced, and the units can be fully powered by the vehicle’s electrical system. The standard 12-volt models are capable of spray volumes of up to 15 gallons per minute. A 24-volt kit is available for producing spray volumes of up to 30 gallons per minute. Like all SprayStriker sprayers, the HFE series comes standard with Hilltip’s exclusive HTrack™ tracking software, off ering two-way GPRS capability, allowing users to create work sites, set customized application rates, monitor drivers, and document all activities remotely using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

snow and ice management equipmentMecalac Compact Loader Line

The Mecalac Compact Loader Line (MCL) Series offers the ability to mount a snow blade on the front and salt spreader on the rear of the machine to combat Winter weather. The MCL Series maximizes attachment possibilities with 7.9 gpm fl ow on the MCL2 and MCL4 models, and 15.9 gpm fl ow on the MCL6 and MCL8 models. The MCL4+ and MCL6+ models come standard with a short boom, offering a better tipping load, whereas the other four models come with a standard boom to maximize tipping height. Each machine has a 45° articulation that keeps the front wheels traveling in the same path as the rear wheels while driving. A 10° oscillation allows a strong follow-up and maximum traction. The MCL2 and 4 models have a 25HP engine, with travel speeds up to 7 MPH for the MCL2, and 12 MPH for MCL4 and 4+. The remaining models come with a 49HP engine and travel up to 12 MPH with an included option for travel speeds up to 19 MPH.

snow and ice management equipmentToro 60V Max 21″ Power Clear® Self Propel Snow Blower

The newest snow blower from Toro, the 60V Max 21″ Power Clear® Self Propel, is built with Ground Engaging Technology, a new feature that propels the unit forward with ease. The paddles sweep down clear to the pavement, breaking through the most densely packed snow and gaining steady traction. The blower is powered by the 60V Max Flex-Force Power® system, an interchangeable battery that powers an entire family of more than 50 Toro yard tools. Two battery ports are available on the blower, so users can choose whether to use the power of one or two batteries depending on the area of snow they need to throw. Just one battery will clear an area the size of a residential driveway and sidewalk, while two batteries easily clear up to a 15-parked-car driveway — all on a single charge.

Turf Teq Power Plow

The 46″ wide Turf Teq 1305PL Power Plow is ideal for snow removal, light grading, and leveling soil or gravel. The plow angle (left/right) is easily adjusted from the operator position and its unique design has the capability to allow the blade to oscillate or be locked into position. The Model 1305PL utilizes an innovative compression spring trip release for automatic reset after the operator has hit an obstruction. Additional features include a replaceable cutting edge, a fully hydrostatic transmission with forward/reverse, and a Honda GXV390 commercial engine. The Plow can also be easily converted into a Power Edger, Power Broom, Power Rake, or Brush Cutter for all season use.

snow and ice management equipmentSnowEx® POWER PUSHER™with TRACE™ Edge Tech

SnowEx Products has upgraded its line of POWER PUSHER plows with new TRACE edge technology. This patent-pending system is made up of independent two foot sections that move vertically, oscillate, and trip to accommodate contours and obstacles in the plowable surface. The pushers also feature a 3/4″ cutting edge with carbide inserts, making them durable for heavy-duty commercial applications. Self-leveling side plates help keep the TRACE edge in contact with the plowable surface. By working together, the sections in the TRACE™ edge system remove more snow and reduce the amount of salt required. Two greasing locations allow the operator to keep the components well-lubricated for maximum performance. The SnowEx POWER PUSHER is available in 8′ and 10′ widths, while a common carrier attachment system makes them compatible with skid loaders, compact wheel loaders, and compact tractors.

snow and ice management equipmentMARAUDER™ Hopper Spreader From Western

Western Products has introduced its newest MARAUDER™ line of hopper spreaders. Built with riveted, stainless steel construction that resists corrosion, the MARAUDER hopper spreaders are made to withstand the toughest Winter weather conditions. An optimized end cap design moves more material through to the material delivery system for a consistent spread. Fleet owners now have the option of a pintle chain delivery system for thick, heavy de-icing materials or the all-new HELIXX™ shaftless auger for precise rock salt application. The hopper spreaders will be available in the following capacities: 0.35 cu yd, 0.7 cu yd, 1.5 cu yd, 2.2 cu yd, 3.0 cu yd., 4.0 cu yd, and 5.0 cu yd. The MARAUDER line also features an extended-chute design to deliver smooth material flow and minimize leakage. With an all-new material spill-protector flap, the MARAUDER prevents spillage near the vehicle cab, reducing corrosion damage.


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