Get Equipped: Design-Build Equipment

From trenchers to excavators, this assortment of design-build equipment will add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.


From the February 2024 Issue of Design-Build


From trenchers to compact track loaders and excavators, this assortment of design-build equipment will help your professional lawn care and landscaping services team get the job done.

Volvo CE ECR40

The 4-ton ECR40 from Volvo CE provides increased operator comfort, 10% more fuel efficiency, better stability, and easier maintenance. The ECR40 excavator has a conventional upper carriage design and a short swing radius to allow for work in more confined spaces. Slim corner pillars and wide, flat glass areas provide outstanding visibility. The intuitive jog wheel and easy-to-navigate human machine interface functionalities allow controllability and adaptability. Work modes now include an ECO mode and an auto engine shutdown in addition to the existing auto engine idle. With auto engine shutdown, hours not worked are not recorded, keeping the machine operating efficiently for longer while reducing maintenance costs. The ECR40 includes a new elongated undercarriage for optimum stability in almost any environment, thanks to the better weight balance provided by longer contact between the tracks and the ground. The ECR40 is available to order now, with deliveries expected to start in Q1 2024.

Compact Track Loader

Built to withstand tough conditions, the TL750’s wide, open cab includes a high-back suspension seat, standard LED front and rear lights, and LCD digital display. The roll-up style door allows for easy entrance and exit. Boasting all-around visibility, the TL750 also features a standard rearview camera. The self-leveling feature simplifies material handling with the switch of a button. Designed to lift, push, and power its way through rigorous demands, the TL750 has a 10.8′ height-to-hinge pin and vertical lift path, so operators can easily dump materials into trucks and high-sided hoppers. The solid-mounted undercarriage keeps the machine on the ground, improving grading performance, while the track design reduces the chance of de-tracking.

Design-Build Equipment

LeeBoy 8520C E-Paver

The 8520C E-Paver is a commercial-class electric asphalt paver that utilizes various electric vehicle components and propulsion technologies supplied by General Motors, with engineering assistance from Engine Power Source and Powertrain Control Solutions. It features the Voltstack 30k e-Charger, which offers a range of charging solutions while serving as a silent, emission-free on-site power source. Its innovative “Smart Hybrid” feature seamlessly integrates with traditional gas or diesel generators, optimizing efficiency, and reducing carbon emissions.

Design-Build Equipment

Yanmar’s Next Generation
ViO80 Mini Excavator

The next generation Vi080-7 features improvements to hydraulic efficiency, cab comfort, and ease of maintenance. The upgraded cabin includes a new suspension seat, more foot space, ergonomic foot pedals, and more room for easier entry and exit. Operators can survey the worksite easily with increased cab glass area. With automatic air-conditioning, the cab is quieter and features additional USB ports. The 18,122-pound Vi080-7 features 18% more power than its predecessor with its new 67HP Yanmar Tier 4 Final diesel engine. The Vi080-7 achieves a maximum dig depth of 14’, 3” and features Yanmar’s signature zero tail-swing.

Bobcat E40

Bobcat Company has expanded its lineup of compact excavators to include the newly released Bobcat E40. The minimal tail swing excavator, with less than 2” of overhang and a standard long arm, delivers an over-the-blade lift capacity and over-the-side lift capacity. Features of the new E40 include a powerful non-DPF, turbocharged Bobcat engine, standard long arm, and extensive attachment versatility. The E40 also comes standard with: a high lift capacity and powerful slewing performance, dual-flange track roller system for improved lift performance and smoother ride, and standard low-effort joysticks, LED lights, and integrated lift eye.

Design-Build Equipment

ASV New Attachment Series

ASV’s new branded tools include several versatile options for landscaping and snow clearing. They include a low-flow mulcher, stump grinders, angle brooms, teleboom, long floor bucket, cold planer, and v-blade. The attachments are tested and optimized for ASV machines. Each was chosen and carefully matched to ASV machines for maximum compatibility. The result is guaranteed performance right off the shelf, with plug-and-play performance ready to go from day one.

Little Beaver KT200B
Kwik-Trench Mini-Trencher

A compact design paired with durable construction and components allows the Kwik-Trench to tackle a multitude of projects, including landscape edging, root pruning, installations of plumbing and drainage lines, low-voltage wiring, silt fences, and sprinkler systems. Featuring carbide-tipped teeth and a powerful drive system, the mini-trencher cuts through tough surfaces such as compacted clay, road fill, asphalt, and tree roots up to 10” thick. Powered by a 5.5 HP Honda engine, the KT 200B can achieve depths up to 8”. The unit features four carbide-tipped teeth and produces trenches from 1” to 3” wide. Productive and powerful in a lightweight and compact package, the KT 200B weighs in at just 265 pounds.

Design-Build Equipment

Mecalac AX1000

The AX1000’s monoboom provides greater boom rigidity and strength, resisting the twisting that can occur with the traditional two-arm setup and obstructing the operator’s view. The AX1000 also offers greater stability with the pivot joint offset at a positive angle. As the machine articulates, the center of gravity is transferred to the rear, so it can re-level itself, greatly reducing the risk of toppling over. Along with safety benefits, greater stability also opens opportunities to expand use through attachments such as forks and snow pushers. Compact, but mighty, the AX1000 has a standard bucket volume of 1.3 cubic yards, a 75 HP engine for its lift range, and a lift capacity of 9,038 pounds.

Design-Build Equipment

Diamond Mowers
Drum Mulcher DC Pro

For loaders up to 75 HP, the Drum Mulcher DC Pro from Diamond Mowers is the latest addition to the company’s lineup of land clearing and vegetation management attachments. The Drum Mulcher DC Pro is differentiated by its lighter weight of just 1,350 pounds and its 63 CC, two-speed, bent-axis piston motor. Larger than others in its class, this high-torque hydraulic motor allows the DC Pro to spool-up faster and deliver greater force to power through more and larger material. The DC Pro is engineered with a 50” cutting width to slice through trees and brush and mulch material up to 8” in diameter. The depth control drum features a forward exposure that allows for optimum tree engagement and maximum cut width relative to weight.

Fecon DiskHawk

Fecon has expanded its line of attachments with the launch of the Disc Hawk™ disc mulcher. Specifically designed for high-flow skid steers and compact track loaders, the DiskHawk increases efficiency where speed and acreage are more important than material size. The disc mulcher increases productivity with a faster, rougher cut either for first-pass vegetation removal or in instances where maximizing material dispersion without fine chip size is ideal. With a working width of 60”, the disc mulcher is purpose-built for 75- to 132-HP skid steers and compact track loaders that operate with as little as 30 to 50 gallons per minute of auxiliary hydraulic flow. A low-profile motor and deck configuration provide visibility and reduces material buildup. Configurable discharge and intake chutes allow operators to maximize productivity and dispersion needs.


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