Turf Design-Build: February 2024

Design-build — when solid know-how of construction and trade skills merge with thoughtful and creative attention to design — is landscaping at its finest.


Turf Design-Build: February 2024

Turf Design Build February 2024, Design-Build LandscapingFEATURES

Creating A Five-Star Design-Build Experience | Top industry experts reveal what it takes to deliver top notch service to high-end clients.

Lakeside Landscape Project: Manitou Watch | Dunegrasses, boardwalks, and cozy gathering spaces honor the lake life.

Get Equipped: Design-Build | Compact track loaders, excavators, and more to get the job done.


Design-build is landscaping at its finest. When solid know-how of construction and trade skills is merged with thoughtful and creative attention to design, outdoor spaces emerge as inhabitable art forms. And that’s just what the landscape companies in this section deliver.

In “Creating a Five-Star Design-Build Experience” industry experts talk about the difference between selling plants and hardscape, and offering an outdoor lifestyle distinctly curated for an individual client. It means catering to certain expectations of service, understanding the client’s core desires, positioning yourself as a trusted consultant, and ensuring ongoing maintenance needs are addressed from the beginning.

In “Manitou Watch,” it was this same sort of attention to detail that earned the project an Industry Award from the Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association (MNLA). Foundational elements that evoked the best of lake life guided the selection of materials — from a boardwalk of reclaimed wooden planks to a repurposed handrail of driftwood and unique Petoskey stones used in the outdoor shower — and fashioned from the family’s collection. Indeed, the best projects don’t reflect the design-build company, they reflect a client’s dreams exceeded in reality.

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