Milwaukee Adds M18 Pruning Shears & ROLL-ON™ 2.5kWh Power Supply

Milwaukee® provides users up to 3X faster pruning application speeds.


Designed to meet the needs of professionals in the outdoor trades, Milwaukee delivers the M18™ Brushless Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears. They provide fast, clean pruning and  eliminate the need for manual pulling. These new telescoping pole pruning shears enhance productivity, allowing professionals to get more done.Milwaukee Shears

“Following the success of our M12™ Brushless Pruning Shears, which delivered a solution for pruning in areas with tight access, we set out to deliver a solution on our M18™ battery system, meeting the needs of users who have to tackle extended reach pruning applications,” said Tony Buxton, Director of Product Marketing for Milwaukee Tool. “As the industry’s first, the M18™ Brushless Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears exemplifies Milwaukee’s commitment to designing innovative, user-focused solutions to increase operator productivity.”

Optimized for extended reach bypass pruning to deliver the best cut quality for vegetation health, the M18™ Brushless Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears provide the power to cut up to 1¾” branches.  When compared to the manual application, the M18™ Brushless Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears reduce peak muscle activation by up to 80% and completes challenging applications up to 3X faster.  The shears feature an ergonomic adjustment collar, allowing for quick and easy length adjustments from 7′ collapsed to 10′ fully extended. The attachment-free extended reach of up to 12′ enhances the ability to complete long-reach applications.

When paired with a M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ XC6.0 Battery Pack, the telescoping pole pruning shears can complete up to 2,000 cuts per charge in 1″ branches. The Milwaukee® M18™ Brushless Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears are fully compatible with 250+ solutions in the M18™ system.

ROLL-ON™ 7200W/3600W 2.5kWh Power Supply

Milwaulkee Tool has also just introduced the new ROLL-ON™ 7200W/3600W 2.5kWh Power Supply which provides power anywhere, allowing users to get more done. Featuring a non-removable, REDLITHIUM™ Integrated 2.5kWh Battery, this power supply provides enough power and run-time to sustain high-demanding, intermittent applications throughout the day. With the capability to charge to 100% in 3 hours and 25% in 35 minutes, the ROLL-ON™ features pass-through power for the ability to charge and discharge simultaneously.

ROLL-ON 7200W/3600W 2.5KWH

Delivering 7200W of starting power, users experience instantaneous peak power and 3600W of continuous running power to support 2-4 operators per unit. As the first battery power supply in its class designed for the jobsite, ROLL-ON™ is equipped with two 20A GFCI duplex outlets with circuit breakers, one USB-C, and one USB-A to provide power for two 20A corded tools, or a piece of capital equipment while charging batteries and personal electronics. The pure sine wave inverter delivers a clean power output, protecting sensitive electronics.

“Milwaukee has a vision to redefine how users utilize power on a jobsite,” explains Jake Van Wormer, Group Product Manager at Milwaukee Tool. “Current power solutions on jobsites often introduce issues such as safety hassles, outlet overcrowding, or breakers tripping, ultimately impacting the amount of work users can get done. As a leader in battery technology, we have taken our foundational knowledge to design ROLL-ON™ from the ground up, with every component being purpose-built to deliver a power supply solution that drives productivity, efficiency, and safety on the job.”

ROLL-ON™ offers professionals instant set-up, and eliminates dangerous emissions, pull-starts, and engine maintenance while also reducing extension cords. Additional hassles related to temporary power, such as outlet overcrowding and wiring or electrical maintenance, are eliminated with the introduction of ROLL-ON™ to the jobsite, reducing wasted power and spend, and maximizing productivity.

With the ability to be powered anywhere, Milwaukee’s new power supply delivers versatility and productivity for the professional jobsite. Weighing 104lbs, 80lbs lighter than comparable gas generators, the ROLL-ON™ provides mobility without compromising performance. Designed to withstand tough jobsite conditions, it can be used for indoor and temporary outdoor work, eliminating emissions and providing quiet operation. Featuring 9.5-inch All-Terrain wheels and an IP54 rating, this power supply is built to withstand site conditions like dirt, dust, and water. Designed with a user-demanded feature set, Milwaukee’s new solution is fully compatible with the PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System. Integrated with ONE-KEY™ technology, users are provided the ability for tracking, management, and adjustable charge rate options to maximize outlet usage onsite.

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