3 Great Tips to Amplify Your Brand Engagement Online


Many factors go into creating a great content marketing strategy. One of the most challenging elements is generating content that your target audience will consume and want to share with others. Creating sharable compelling content strengthens customer loyalty, trust in your brand, and will expose you to a larger audience.

Here are three things companies often forget when creating an online presence that promotes greater consumption, community and engagement.

Create content in the forms most likely to foster consumption and engagement: Studies show that human attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Currently, we have about 8 seconds to make an impact and engage. Eighty-seven percent of a Facebook pages engagement happens on photo posts. Don’t skimp on photos and illustrations. Don’t be too wordy.

Invest in your community: The more you can interact in your community, the better. Reach out and showcase what you and your team can provide in terms of community service. Show that your commitment to your community is more than lip service. Promote the events to the public as you also promote your company’s involvement. Spread the word in an inclusive and friendly spirit.

Online sharing and caring: Interact with other local businesses and support one another online. Share some of their relevant posts on your website, offer to do a guest post, or invite them to post on your blog or Facebook page on a topic relevant to both your target audiences. Consider “friending” landscape architects, interior designers, plumbers, electricians and other home services contractors. This will expose you to a larger target audience which has already been built by other go-to trusted resources. This is major strategic win-win!

Those are my suggestions. What do you think? How are you using these tactics to increase your engagement?

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