4 Key Benefits of the Houzz Pro+ Program


In my last blog we talked to Liza Hausman, vice president industry marketing at Houzz, about the invaluable marketing tools Houzz offers for pro contractors to connect to more customers and clients. So what are the benefits of the Pro+ advertising program versus a free Pro listing?

Let’s explore the key benefits below:

  1. Your profile is guaranteed exposure to your local target audience per geographical area specified: You can specify that your advertising messages reach your market and/or other geographic areas you want to serve. So when a prospect clicks on the directory to find local pros in their area it’s easier for them to find you.
  2. Your work is guaranteed exposure to your local target audience: Say a potential customer is just browsing through the photo section to get ideas for their patio. If you specified you want to be shown to people in that geographic area, Houzz will show your work in the photo stream just to those people looking at photos in your area.
  3. Boost exposure in photo stream with more project photos showcasing your work: Not only can you showcase one exceptional photo to attract a client, Pro+ allows you to have multiple photos of your portfolio displayed, which gives the viewer a more complete view of the work that you do.
  4. Participants in the Pro+ program also have a dedicated account manager and access to an analytics dashboard: Your account manager is responsible for making your program as successful as possible, and will help you improve your profile before your program goes live. Your account manager will also regularly review your dashboard with you and help you understand the impact of your Pro+ program, including your incremental profile views and what photos are resonating with homeowners.

While the free version gives you the ability to create a dynamic profile and take advantage of all the other wonderful benefits of Houzz, the paid Pro+ program significantly Increases exposure and gives you the tools to penetrate, and expand your reach more effectively within the target areas you want to service.

Please let us know your experience with Houzz Pro+ and how it has helped you to get more business.

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