5 Tips To Maximize Your Lawn & Landscape Digital Marketing Strategy In 2022


marketingLawn and landscape companies continue to face unpredictable economic conditions in 2022, but one thing is certain: service industries remain an indispensable sector. Evolving circumstances can present great opportunities, and companies that can successfully adapt to changes are equipped to move forward.

In 2022, marketing results might be the single most important differentiator for lawn care businesses. Here are five marketing strategies that can help lawn and landscape pros streamline and enhance their business in 2022.

1. Invest in your company’s website: Social media is a great platform for interaction and brand awareness, but your company’s website still serves as one of the most important introductions to potential customers. Attract visitors to your site by investing in engaging design and robust, informative content. Then turn visitors into customers by offering convenient online tools such as scheduling, pricing, and chat.

marketing2. Refresh your social media strategy: Take a close look at your results over the last year and then adjust your goals and plans for 2022. Continue efforts that are paying dividends and assess where you’re falling short. What types of content earn positive feedback and engagement? Which ads generate the best leads?

3. Focus your outreach and communications: Old-fashioned analog advertising still works, but newer digital methods offer efficiency and results-tracking that newspapers, radio and direct mail don’t have. A focused e-blast to a targeted list of strong leads and existing customers can deliver a higher rate of return than traditional print mailers, and Facebook and Google advertising options can be tracked and measured.

4. Help customers share great reviews: We all know five-star reviews are critical to success in today’s marketplace. But it’s not enough to simply ask customers at the end of a job to leave a positive review. Make it easy for them to share their great customer experience with follow-up emails and text messages that streamline the process. Connect your website and social media accounts so good reviews populate every platform you use.

5. Optimize your team: Untrained team members don’t deliver quality field service. Why would you expect to get quality digital marketing if you don’t prioritize it? Unless your company is lucky enough to have an energetic digital-native staffer to manage your social media strategy and online presence, go with a professional. Depending on the size of your company and your marketing goals, consider either full-time in-house expertise or an industry-specific external partner.

With a streamlined, focused digital marketing strategy based on targeted outreach, online engagement, social proof and reliable metrics, lawn and landscape business owners have an opportunity to truly stand out in their market and make the coming year a period of powerful growth.marketing

Donnie Shelton is the CEO of Coalmarch by WorkWave. After building a multi-million dollar pest control operation, Shelton turned his sights on helping fellow home service business owners achieve similar growth for their companies by pairing traditional business development with a robust digital marketing strategy and strong tracking and data management processes.

Photos: Coalmarch by Workwave

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