A New Voice For Issues Facing The Lawn & Landscape Industry


VoicesThe National Association of Landscape Professionals launches a digital advocacy program to address legislation targeting gas-powered equipment,  H-2B, and more.

In an era of increased legislation targeting the landscape industry, a new digital advocacy program called Voices for Healthy Green Spaces has been launched by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). The program will act as a supplement to the NALP’s government affairs team in ensuring that policymakers understand the needs of landscape and lawn care businesses.

The new website and social media channels are meant to foster an online community of industry professionals and consumer advocates dedicated to highlighting the beneficial work of the lawn and landscape profession. The platform is an effort to ensure the public and decision-makers have access to accurate information about key industry issues.

The Voices For Healthy Green Spaces website lists three priorities. Here is a summary as interpreted: Voices

  • Going from Gas to Electric. Issue: The landscape industry is facing a national trend of policy mandates banning the use of gas-powered equipment using arbitrary timelines that do not reflect current infrastructure and technology limitations. Stance: The industry is committed to making the transition to zero-emission equipment and is making progress toward that goal, but more investment in our nation’s underlying electric infrastructure and greater advancements in electric tools that can support commercial-scale work are needed.
  • Stewarding Sustainability. Issue: Misinformed policy decisions can negatively impact community access to healthy managed landscapes and the ability of business and homeowners to make decisions about how they can protect their property. These decisions don’t just impact beauty; they also threaten conservation, water management, economic growth, and the experiential health of our local communities. Stance: A recognition that green spaces are vital because they improve air and water quality, sequester carbon, cool our communities, and protect health. As stewards of local environments, landscaper training and expertise helps preserve and enhance land, water, and air resources for everyone’s benefit. Responsible policies improve everyone’s access to the benefits of healthy green spaces.
  • Maintaining A Reliable Seasonal Workforce. Issue: Typically, the landscape industry has more jobs than there are workers to fill them. The H-2B program is vital, but it is also expensive, time-intensive, and unpredictable. The congressionally mandated cap of 66,000 visas is woefully inadequate. Stance: As the landscape industry continues to grow, the H-2B program must transition to a more consistent, reliable, and viable process.

“The industry faces critical challenges right now, so we strongly encourage every lawn or landscape professional to sign up and become a voice for the industry,” said Britt Wood, NALP CEO. “We are building a community of tens of thousands of industry professionals and consumers who are willing to reach out to legislators and regulators in support of managed lawns and landscapes.”

Participation in Voices for Healthy Green Spaces is free. Participants will receive regular updates and information about relevant industry issues, including regulations, legislation, or current events that affect the work of industry members and their positive impacts in their local communities. In addition, members will be notified when it’s time to take action together.

Besides the website, you can connect with Voices for Healthy Green Spaces on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.