Achieve Fuel Savings Of Up To 40%



FuelCred, the #1 fuel tax refund app for small businesses, announces the release of its free “Find Cheap Fuel” feature with “FuelCred Prices.” This new capability not only helps users find the cheapest fuel in their area, but also includes a user-specific calculation of the option that would save the user the most money based on their individual historical use. This “FuelCred Price” is often up to 40% cheaper than retail and is FuelCred’s recommendation of the best option based on a specific job site or location.

The up-to-40% savings is a combination of the well-known business fuel expense deduction and the less well-known fuel tax refund. Unlike a deduction, the tax refund is a one-for-one reduction in taxes for businesses. So even if a business doesn’t owe any taxes, the IRS would send an eligible business a check for any fuel tax refund owed.

“FuelCred users are currently projected to receive a fuel tax refund of about $600 on average,” says Joe Chan, head of technology for FuelCred. “So not only do FuelCred subscribers receive the latest fuel expense tracking technology to help optimize their business, they generally just save way more – without annoying ads, gas cards, or gas program subscriptions. And, for a limited time, FuelCred is 100% free.”

The new features are the latest innovations from FuelCred – a technology which remains the only available app to help small businesses obtain gas tax refunds. “Landscapers, farmers, construction companies, and other small businesses that use off-road equipment can optimize their fuel expense and, in the process, optimize their business,” comments Chan. “[Our] goal is to be the essential financial wellness app for small businesses who want to efficiently manage their finances using the latest, enterprise-grade technology.”

The free FuelCred app is available for download in the iOS store today and will be available in the Google Play store in early 2021.