Spring is finally on it’s way. After a long winter, you may be tempted to sit back and soak up the sun. But every landscaper knows there is plenty of work to be done at this time of the year. This checklist will help you get ready to start the season as soon as the weather permits.

1. Complete Equipment Maintenance

Make sure all maintenance is complete and your equipment is ready to go. Having everything ready on day one will help prevent last minute scrambling to secure the right equipment and tools for the first jobs of the season. Create a maintenance schedule so you know what items will need attention and when.

2. Organize the Morning Rush Hour

Determine and implement an efficient system that enables crews to report to work, receive instructions and get out to jobs as quickly as possible in the morning. Evaluate parking for employees and the service vehicles so there’s not a traffic jam while workers arrive and crews leave for the day.

3. Implement Evening Prep Work

Decide who will be responsible for ensuring equipment, vehicles and trailers are prepared for the crew to leave the yard within a matter of minutes each morning. This includes refueling all machines and making sure the correct equipment is on the correct trailer for the following day.

4. Finish Last-Minute Hiring

Hiring is a long-term process. Bottom line: Don’t wait until spring to find more people. Always be hiring and make sure to stay in contact with local schools. But if you find yourself in a bind this spring, ask for references from current employees, friends and family.

5. Make a Training Plan

Map out a schedule and develop a calendar for employee training. Creating a schedule ahead of time will ensure all personnel are in attendance. Implementing training throughout the busy season keeps your team up-to-date, efficient and productive.

6. Plan a Mid-Season Productivity Checkup Now

An ideal time to perform a company checkup is when your business is running at full speed at the peak of the season. To make sure it happens, plan the checkup now so that it is already on your task list. You’ll want to review employee productivity, equipment efficiency, as well as gross margins per service segment.

7. Renew Snow Contracts

Clients are still thinking about the winter that just passed, so it is a perfect time to reach out to them now about next season. Remind clients if they wait to renew contracts, they may not be able to secure your services later. Knowing next season’s workload can also help you make purchasing decisions for equipment, attachments and tools.