Carta: First Digital Measuring Wheel Featuring Award-Winning AR Tech


CartaPlott is introducing Carta, the world’s first digital measuring wheel to virtually map any outdoor space in real time. Carta makes commercial-level projects easier—such as landscape design, construction, and golf course management—by creating custom digital mapping with real-time visual references and accurate dimensional data. Once the design and planning are complete, Carta will help bring it to life with guidance to real world points, ensuring accurate measurements for virtually any large-scale outdoor project.

Highlighted features include:

  • Digital mapping made easy: Carta makes outdoor project mapping easy by measuring and mapping any path you walk in real-time, and sending directly to a mobile device through the LetsPlott app. Collaborators can receive all information immediately.
  • No more manual math: Whether it’s the entire perimeter of a project, building, driveway, yard or any space, the LetsPlott platform will automatically calculate any dimensions instantly using the data captured by Carta.
  • Real-world surroundings: Use photos from your mobile device or overhead satellite images to capture real-world surroundings to assist in mapping and planning any projects.
  • No more notes: Annotate projects in real-time using photos, videos, or text to create digital notes that can be referenced at a later date.

David Xing, founder of Plott, comments, “After recognizing a need for innovation in the industry, we worked with professionals to perfect a device that makes measuring and calculating spaces easier, interactive and more intuitive, ultimately saving users time, eliminating complex math, and ensuring wasted materials on a job are a thing of the past. All you need is Carta and a mobile device, and you are empowered with a digital command center to map out any project instantly.”

Plott has created the “LetsPlott” Platform – a tool that allows users to take real design concepts into the AR realm, and back to reality with precise measurements and calculations.