The Cat Powered Bandit Intimidator. Are You Intimidated?

The Cat® powered Bandit Intimidator™ is packed with compact power, so you can get to chipping with minimal downtime.

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Bandit Intimidator

Bandit Chippers have grown exponentially since their founding in 1983, but their quality has never faltered. In fact, their very first chipper is still on the job 37 years later, just like thousands of other machines Bandit has produced.

Today, Bandit offers a wide range of chippers, including the most popular, hand-fed model, the Intimidator™ 18XP. Powered by the Cat® C4.4 engine, the Bandit Intimidator 18XP is an 18-inch-capacity, drum-style chipper, featuring the unique Slide Box Feed System that provides direct down pressure to pull branches and trees into the chipper with little to no trim work required.

Bandit Chippers

The Intimidator 18XP also boasts a powerful dual-feed wheel system, delivering nearly 4,500 pounds of pulling power, which greatly aids in processing limbs, taking down big trees, lot- clearing or cleaning up storm debris. The standard hydraulic lift cylinder also provides additional downward pressure to minimize chainsaw work for a safe and fast operation.

The 18XP’s counterpart, the Intimidator 19XPC, offers a larger chipper for tree services that need more capacity, with an easily maneuverable design. Available with either the Cat C4.4 or C7.1 engines, this chipper is packed with Cat® power. The 19-inch capacity of the 19XPC features a larger-diameter, top-feed and bottom-feed wheel roller, with more than 10,000 pounds of pulling power. This makes it easier to pull in larger materials, like whole trees, to reduce the amount of time trimming and, ultimately, the cost.

Both chippers are extremely mobile and easily towed from site to site, depending on where they are needed. The C4.4 and C7.1 are both compact engines and ideal for the Bandit Intimidator line to reduce weight and improve maneuverability. The engine’s compact footprint also allows Bandit to maintain a design that’s proven to meet the expectations of the customers.

“Because the engine sits under the discharge where the material comes out, a larger engine would have required a taller discharge, which is prone to plug and won’t throw as far,” says Bandit’s design engineering manager.

Bandit ChippersOther than its small package size and undeniable force, another advantage of the C4.4 and C7.1 engines is their industry-leading torque. When a chipper’s engine is operating at peak torque, the user can process trees and branches for longer without slowing or reversing the feed. Both the C4.4 and C7.1 also meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V emissions standards, making them better for the environment.

Bandit knows the importance of having support ready for the engines that power their machines. Knowing there’s a Cat dealer nearby to help with engine maintenance and take care of any other issues quickly gives chipper operators peace of mind and more confidence in the Bandit line.™

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