Copper Beech Tree Transplant Replaces 300-Year-Old Predecessor


“We are thrilled to bring a local landmark back to Essex!” said Frank Perrotti, owner of the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton, CT. “With a heavy heart we had to cut down the old Copper Beech Tree that had died several years ago. We are so happy to announce that we have planted a 55-foot tall ‘Fagus Sylvatica Cuprea’, more commonly known as a Copper Beech Tree, in the front yard where the old tree once stood. The new tree is bringing a sense of celebration and history back to the inn and the village of Ivoryton!”

Donated by Belfonti Companies of Hamton, CT, this Copper Beech Tree was transplanted to its new home at the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton, CT in April 2020.

The old tree, which was estimated to be about 300 years old, had to be cut down in 2017 due to disease. Its replacement, a 50 year old tree of the exact same species as the original tree, was donated to the Copper Beech Inn by Michael Belfonti, founder and CEO of the Belfonti Companies in Hamden, CT.

“I wanted to donate the tree in memory of my parents, Connie and Richard Belfonti, who passed away in 2007 and 2013,” said Mr. Belfonti. “They used to go to the Copper Beech Inn to have dinner on very special occasions, and they loved the Inn and its signature tree. Frank is also a dear friend of mine, as was his uncle Frank Perrotti, Jr., who passed away in 2016. The tree is also in memory of him.”

The Copper Beech Inn (seen here) was originally built in 1889 as the personal residence of Archibald Welsh Comstock, the son of Samuel Comstock, whose family business was well known for importing ivory and manufacturing piano keys, billiard balls, dominoes and combs. Today the structure houses a restaurant and inn with innovative cuisine and quintessential New England hospitality.

The 55-foot tall new tree was sourced by a descendant of the original Comstock family. It was transplanted into its new spot by Greeno Tree Spade Services LLC, a large tree relocation expert located in Hudson, NH.

A formal dedication ceremony will be held in the fall of 2020.

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