Erosion Control & Mulch Blowers


Slopes, embankments, hills – erosion control is a major issue in this industry. Whether you’re trying to prevent washouts on walks and paths, landslides and soil loss, or you need to save an embankment, there are many products that can help you with your erosion control needs.

Especially today, erosion control is an important element in preventing water pollution. In fact, there is a direct relationship between soil erosion and water quality. Soil runoff is one of the major issues in the great fertilizer debate, as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides attach to soil particles and transport with sediment into bodies of water. Therefore, controlling erosion plays a big part in keeping water quality up to par.

Whether or not the job you are on is large or small, there are many options to help control erosion. Examples of erosion control methods include hydroseeding, mulching, netting, blankets, mats, silt fences and more. Most traditional erosion control techniques, such as concrete blocks, rock riprap and reinforced paving systems, are costly and do not provide the pollutant removal capabilities of vegetative systems.

Erosion control blankets are biodegradable natural materials used to protect disturbed slope and channel areas from wind and water erosion. They are made from materials such as straw, wood excelsior or coconut, or are geotextile synthetic woven materials such as polypropylene, and are effective on steep to moderate slopes, newly landscaped areas, and drainage swales and ditches that will be planted or seeded.

Turf reinforcement mats combine vegetative growth and synthetic materials to form a high-strength mat that helps prevent soil erosion in drainage areas and on steep slopes. TRMS permanently stay in place to protect seeds and soils and improve germination, and can incorporate natural fiber materials to help with establishing vegetation.

For larger job sites, hydroseeding is an ideal solution. Because a mulch is included in the slurry and applied with the seed, a hydroseed application can solve erosion issues almost instantly. As the slurry hardens, it can address many problems until the seed comes in and establishes, becoming a permanent erosion problem solver. Plus, hydroseeders can cover a lot of ground in little time.

These are just a few types of equipment and products you can use. Whatever type of job you have to take on, check out the listing of products we have in this month’s product focus. Also, you can find additional information about the companies highlighted in red by visiting their advertisements in this issue.

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Straw mulchers have a 13 hp, electric-start Honda engine and are small for portability, fitting into standard pickup beds. A tractor-mounted model is also available.

Bowie Industries

Manufactures a complete line of Bowie Hydro-Mulchers designed for landscape and erosion control professionals.

Express Blower

Express Blower trucks install blankets and berms in any location for permanent sediment and erosion control. They also spread mulches, compost and more.

Finn Corp.

Specializes in erosion control equipment that helps contractors comply with NPDES regulations, including HydroSeeders, bark blowers and straw blowers.

JRM Chemical

Soil Moist Hydro polymer products are designed for hydroseeding applications to increase seed germination and reduce erosion. Retains high amounts of moisture.

Land Pride

The CR2572 Straw Crimper keeps seed in place and undisturbed soil on top. It has a 72-inch width, heat-treated discs and optional water tanks for additional weight.

Mat, Inc.

Soil Guard bonded fiber matrix conforms to ground contours. Once it’s dry, it can be hydrated repeatedly and will hold seed and soil without washing away.


Multimat is designed for slopes with vegetative substrate soil; Tenweb is useful on soils where vegetation is lacking; and Radix secures loose mulches to soil surfaces.

Turbo Technologies

The HM-500-HARV has a 25 hp Kohler engine, hydraulic reversible agitator, gear pump for heavier slurries, poly tank and electric rewind hose reel.


Hydromulchers are designed to apply spray-on erosion control blanket products and range in size from 325 to 1,200 gallons. Various options and accessories available.

Next month will feature Product Focuses on Tractors & Attachments and Aerators & Turf Cultivators.