Exmark’s Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer

Lloyd von Scheliha explains the features of this new lawn care application unit.

Please share your involvement with the development of the Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer.

As an Exmark product manager, I am responsible for helping understand the market opportunity, identifying customer requirements and product specifications, and obtaining customer input.

Exmark is recognized as a manufacturer of commercial mowers. Why design and manufacture a spreader/sprayer?

Great question, and the answer is rooted in the feedback we received from a number of groups, including current customers, Exmark dealers and variety of other sources. These folks are asking for Exmark equipment that gives them the ability to profitably add other lawn care services, such as aeration or fertilizer/weed killer applications, which are complementary to existing lawn maintenance services.

We understand you worked closely with a successful LCO in developing this machine. Could you provide a short timeline and description of this partnership?

We worked with a number of successful landscape professionals throughout the development of the Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer. One notable tester was Kent Harlan, owner of Kent’s Lawn Care here in Beatrice, Nebraska. Kent gave us valuable input and perspective, but it was also very beneficial for his business. Thanks to the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine, he was able to significantly increase not just revenue, but profitability as well.

In terms of technology, what features make this product unique and what do they mean for end-users?

The Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer introduces a number of new innovations to increase versatility, maneuverability and productivity for lawn care professionals, including:

  • Lean-To-Steer controls: These controls permit one-handed control of steering and forward/reverse speed. This frees the other hand to operate sprayer or spreader controls or to perform spot spraying with the easy-to-access spray wand. Operators can do more with complete control on each pass.
  • Intuitive control layout: The layout works with the lean-to-steer controls to put sprayer and spreader controls, and other necessary adjustments, at the operator’s fingertips.
  • Innovative agitation system: Two induction nozzles inside the 20-gallon tank provides sufficient agitation to keep even wettable powders in suspension. This gives lawn care professionals unmatched versatility and spray consistency.
  • Extra capacity: The hopper holds 175 pounds. Also, an extra 50-pound bag can be carried on top of the tank.
  • Operator comfort: The stainless steel operator platform features isolation mounts for a more comfortable ride over uneven terrain. The platform also locks up or down to ease storage. This feature minimizes trailering space, too.

Where is the unit being manufactured, and when will it be available in dealers’ showrooms?

The Exmark Stand-On Spreader/Sprayer is manufactured in Beatrice, Nebraska, and it is available now through Exmark’s nationwide dealer network.