Fleetmatics Report: Landscapers Work Long Hours, Make Lots of Service Stops


One in 10 registered U.S. vehicles on the road are service-based vehicles — 27.6 million service-based vehicles in all, reports Fleetmatics, a public limited company providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) fleet management solutions.

Using accelerometer tracking, the company, from October 2014 to October 2015, gathered data from approximately 177,000 of its customers’ service-based vehicles. Among many other industries, the data highlighted the activities of landscape and pest control service vehicles. Fleetmatics then analyzed the data by region, state and industry.

Here’s what they found on landscape service vehicles:

  • The average landscaping vehicle travels 111 miles on average every day and works 9.5 hours a day, some working as much as 11.4 hours a day.
  • The average landscaping vehicle makes eight stops on average per day in the spring/summer season and 6.8 stops per day in the winter.
  • The top 10 states where landscapers work the most hours (in order) are: West Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, Alabama, Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

When Fleetmatics parsed the data from roughly 5,500 pest management service vehicles it learned the service vehicles made more than 10 stops and traveled a total distance of 94.7 million miles.

Additionally, the company identified the top 10 U.S. states with the largest pest control problems based on its customer activity, or number of stops per vehicle, per day. The top 10 states with the most activity are: Nevada, Utah, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Arizona, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Kansas and Georgia. Pest control fleets in these states made on average 10 stops per day.

Fleetmatics also examined how many times service-based vehicles recorded severe driving incidents (comprised of acceleration, cornering, braking or speeding over 80 mph) per 1,000 miles driven. From there, it analyzed how many of these severe driving incidents occurred in each region, and in each state within the continental U.S.

By doing this, the fleet management company was able to identify which regions and states experienced the most and least severe driving incidents.

The top five states with the most severe driving incidents were, in order: New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas and Louisiana. The top five states with the least severe driving incidents were: North Dakota, Delaware, Alabama, Iowa and Illinois.

In breaking down the data by industry, Fleetmatics identified the most severe driving incidents occurring in the following six industries:

  • public administration
  • heavy construction/engineering services
  • automotive repair
  • retail/hardware
  • home furniture/equipment
  • pest control

The top five industries with the least severe driving incidents included:

  • freight transportation/warehousing
  • roofing & siding
  • lawn & garden
  • food products/food stores/non-durable goods
  • electrical work

For Fleetmatics customers in the continental U.S., there are approximately 2.5 severe driving incidents that occur per every 1,000 miles driven by service-based vehicles.

Fleetmatics, headquartered in Dublin, boasts about 35,000 customers and 709,000 subscribed vehicles worldwide. For a more complete look at the Fleetmatic data, check out the Fleetmatic Fleetbeat report.

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