Four Social Media Trends for a Stronger 2016 Presence


Hannah TigheAs we kick-off the New Year, here are four online marketing trends to consider. Add them to your marketing mix to stay ahead of your competition.

  1. Mobile is a must and no longer just an option: Google gives high preference in search to mobile friendly websites. Social Media Today reports “48 percent of consumers start mobile research with a search engine.” Is your website mobile friendly? People are increasingly tied to technology and want information right away. If your web presence isn’t showing up correctly you are missing out on opportunities.
  1. Provide more personalized content, and humanize your brand with stories: Build trust with your potential clients by showcasing your human side. Introduce employees who may be potentially working with the clients in a fun and interesting way so that they are comfortable with your company before someone shows up at their door. One idea is doing an employee spotlight. (Ex. Mark has worked with our company for 7 years, loves the movie The Notebook, and also has a 6th toe!) Other ideas can be public support of a specific charity, or even behind the scenes office antics. Also consider partnering with bloggers and other industry experts that have already gained trust with your specific target market.PHOTO: ISTOCK
  1. Visual content draws attention: Video content and images are consistently shared more frequently on social media, and help draw attention to your posts in the feed. An example of the power of an image with a post, would be a recent stat via Buffer, which states, Tweets with images get 150 percent more retweets. Use images that evoke emotion, showcase your companies’ values, or convey design inspiration. Video content can include seasonal tips, and how-to’s.PHOTO: ISTOCK
  1. Revisit your advertising options: Social platforms are fantastic ways to get in front of a specific, local and targeted audience. For a few pennies per click, it is a relatively inexpensive way to get in front of the very people you are looking to cultivate as customers. According to a recent Nielson survey, “Ad recall from sponsored posts on Instagram with 2.9 times higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising.” Especially with the Millennial Market, staying top of mind by having a presence on mobile platforms like Instagram can help you stay memorable.

Over to you! What trends do you plan to implement this year in your marketing? Let us know in the comments below. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or at