Get Equipped: Construction Equipment


Take a look at this assortment of construction equipment that can improve and add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

construction equipmentHydraulic Thumb From Mecalac

Mecalac now offers a new hydraulic thumb option for its recently reconfigured two-piece boom with offset, available for 6MRC skid excavators and 7MWR wheeled excavator models. The new thumb makes it easy to pick up, maintain, and move large or long objects, transforming material handling capabilities for applications such as truck loading or pipe laying. This makes it ideal for contractors in landscaping and general construction. The hydraulic thumb option permanently mounts to the bucket linkage where it’s powered by the boom’s hydraulic cylinder. Unlike grappling buckets or other attachments that must be dismantled during other operations, the new hydraulic thumb can remain attached during digging work or other tasks. The thumb is composed of four teeth and is compatible with Mecalac’s CONNECT hydraulic quick coupler, which is safe and compact. When engaged, the constant pressure exerted on the thumb throughout the cylinder’s stroke ensures precise control of the load.

KX057-5 From KubotaKX057-5 From Kubota

Kubota announces a new compact excavator: the KX057-5. The KX057-5 replaces the KX057-4 in Kubota’s K Series of compact excavators and offers improved technology and ample cabin space. It’s available in canopy or cab models, boasts an impressive 47.6 gross HP, a working range that includes a digging depth of 12′ 9″ and a bucket breakout force of 10,172 lbs. Technology features include a new full-color 7″ LCD screen with all the information for the operator at a quick glance. An optional keyless start is available for the first time on Kubota’s excavators; the engine can be started with a four-digit code, and up to 10 user passwords can be set. With this new technology, operators no longer need to worry about lost keys. And this year, all -5 generation models are outfitted with standard technology and comfort packages, plus more tech options for ultimate customization.e maintenance.

construction equipmentM3-Series From Bobcat

The new M3-Series compact loader line was developed to support customers looking for practical features with pricing to match, while complementing the R-Series lineup and maintaining high standards of reliability, durability, and performance. Building on the established M2-Series loader, the M3-Series is designed with a 2.4-liter Tier 4 Bobcat turbo-charged diesel engine with an innovative new fuel system, offering a range of HP from 55 to 70. It also offers simplified configurations, and fewer ancillary options combined with new modern decal styling and more. The four new M3-Series 500 platform size model loaders include the S510 and S590 skid-steer loaders and the T550 and T595 compact track loaders. The S510 and T550 models feature a radius lift path to provide maximum reach truck bed height. The S590 and T595 models offer a vertical lift path for higher lift capacity and more reach at full lift height, which keeps the load closer to the machine while the loader arms are raised. A roomy interior, standard adjustable suspension seat, large entry, and optimal all-around visibility are included in the cab-forward design. The enclosed cab machines feature a pressurized interior space to repel dust and debris and enhances efficiency of optional heating and air conditioning.

construction equipmentTiltRotate System (TRS) for Cat® Mini Excavators

Caterpillar Work Tools now has a TiltRotate System (TRS) for Cat Next Gen mini excavators. The new TRS6 and TRS8 models allow attached work tools (including buckets, forks, grapples, brooms, and compactors) to rotate 360˚ and tilt 40˚ side-to-side. This enables the machine to reach more work areas from a single position, while maneuvering tools over, under, and around obstructions when excavating, grading ditches, sorting recycle materials, or placing pipe. TRS models have two interfaces: a top interface that connects the TRS to the carrier machine; and a bottom interface that connects various work tools to the TRS. The four configurations for the TRS6 allow the user to choose between an S-Type hydraulic-coupler or pin-on top interface, and, whether the TRS is equipped with an integral grapple (which can be used with a work tool attached). All TRS6 models use an S-Type hydraulic coupler for the bottom interface. The four configurations for the model TRS8 allow selecting an S-Type coupler for both the top and bottom interfaces, or, a pin-on top interface and pin-grabber coupler bottom interface, and whether the TRS has an integral grapple. (The pin-on/pin-grabber configuration is not available with the integral grapple.)

Skid SteersMAX-Series™ Skid Steers From ASV Holdings Inc.

ASV expands the new MAX-Series lineup with the addition of the vertical-lift VS-75 and radial-lift RS-75 skid steers. The MAX-Series line was first introduced with compact track loaders in mid-2020, giving operators a premium experience to match the machines’ performance capabilities. Like the tracked machines, the skid steers benefit from a new, next-generation cab available with 360˚ visibility, a roomier operator area, a more comfortable seat, a new high-tech touch-screen display, and more. The radial-lift, 75 HP RS-75 includes a 2,600-lb rated operating capacity and a 5,845-lb breakout force. The vertical-lift VS-75 features a 5,920-lb breakout force and an impressive 3,500-lb-rated operating capacity for its 75 HP. MAX-Series skid steers also feature ASV benefits, including reliability, rated operating capacities, departure angles, breakout force, hydraulic performance, ground clearance, speed, ease of serviceability, cooling packages, and more.

construction equipment333G Compact Track Loader with SmartGrade™ From John Deere

John Deere is building upon its range of OEM precision grade management products by integrating SmartGrade, its proprietary grade control technology, into the 333G Compact Track Loader. The implementation of SmartGrade is the first time a fully integrated grade control technology will be available on compact equipment. The SmartGrade 333G Compact Track Loader will expand the capabilities of landscaping contractors by enabling them to take on new tasks and larger jobs that require accuracy. By leveraging the latest grade control technology, the SmartGrade 333G machine levels the playing field with contractors running larger fleets. The SmartGrade 333G Compact Track Loader will help to complete grading tasks faster with fewer passes and less rework compared to working without grade control technology. Moreover, operators can reap the benefits of using a versatile, more transportable piece of equipment where the grade control system is fully integrated into the machine’s structures and software, eliminating vulnerable masts and cables. In addition to introducing SmartGrade technology on the 333G, operators will also benefit from the launch of DozerMode, a breakthrough control solution that enables the EH joystick control system to function like a crawler dozer—with the push of a button.

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