Get Equipped: Deicing Products


Take a look at this assortment of deicing products that can improve and add value to your professional snow and ice management services.


Quad Boom From High Country Spray Systemsdeicing

The Quad-Boom from High Country Spray Systems is a new four-width spray path boom specially designed for anti-icing and deicing work. Capable widths are 8′, 12′, 20′, and 40′ with in-cab controller. Features include: Ability to work easily in close quarters, or cover large areas with a single pass; Save time covering a 40′ wide path in a single pass; Save money by getting big truck coverage with your 3/4 ton to two ton truck, and not give up your small area and close quarters ability; Available on all production models including 205, 305, and 450 gallon systems; Part of a new Airport Edition sprayer line coming soon from High Country Spray Systems.

Turf Storm From Scag

deicingThe heavy duty construction of the new Turf Storm stand-on spreader-sprayer means years of dependable service and worry-free productivity. Important structural components are made of stainless steel to resist the effects of consistent exposure to commonly used, highly corrosive chemicals. Right sized dry and liquid capacities include a 220-pound hopper and dual 30-gallon liquid tanks (60 gallons total) with drain valves for easy draining and cleaning. Spraying widths up to 10′ help get the job done. Stable machine balance ensures sure footing while eliminating the need for locking front casters, and a spacious operator platform (with extra-large operator comfort cushion) paired with coil-spring suspension offers a smooth ride. Other features include a rugged, dual hydraulic drive system and a powerful and efficient 21 HP Vanguard engine.

100% Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) From Natural Alternative®deicing

Looking for environmentally friendly snow and ice management products that are safer for pets and non-harmful to hardscapes and vegetation? Part of the NaturaLawn® Brand Family, Natural Alternative® 100% CMA is LEED compliant with chloride-free and low-corrosive properties and doesn’t cause pitting or spalling, while increasing soil permeability. The 100% CMA melts ice and snow to 15°F and is made in the U.S. 100% CMA pairs perfectly with Natural Alternative® Ice Melt, which is effective through -16°F, gentle on hardscape, biodegradable, and non-toxic to fish and pets. It won’t get slippery when wet or leave white residue on floors. As soon as the ice melt comes in contact with moisture, it creates a brine, resisting re-freezing and preventing ice forming under snow. It’s a powerful blend requiring two thirds less product compared to rock salt.



82400B From Chapin

deicingKeep walkways safe with the Chapin 82400B 100-pound Professional Salt Spreader. This heavy-duty salt spreader is designed to withstand winter with a rugged stainless steel frame, fully supported poly hopper, and enclosed metal gears with grease fittings. The stainless steel slide gate is designed to shear clumps of rock salt and a spiked, poly auger keeps material moving. Solid steel linkage provides full gate control. Chapin’s baffle system allows you to spread salt where needed. Wide pneumatic tires are stable on any surface or terrain. A snow/rain cover and grate are included.






HELIXX™ From Snow Ex®deicing

New HELIXX™ stainless steel hopper spreaders not only offer the durability and corrosion-resistance of stainless steel, they feature the HELIXX material delivery system, an innovative design that helps optimize material flow. The corkscrew, or “helix” design of the material delivery system offers efficient and cost-effective use of salt, and was designed to operate in the target range for salt spreading best practices. The HELIXX runs the entire length of the hopper with variable flights, promoting even unloading of material. With the addition of a pre-wet and direct liquid application kit—which includes pre-wet tanks, a pump, and a spray kit—the spreaders have the ability to pre-wet materials or spray brine directly onto the driving surface for anti-icing applications. All functions are easily controlled from the in-cab control. Compatible with full-size pickups, flatbed trucks or dump-bed trucks, the HELIXX stainless steel hopper lineup includes five different models, including capacities of 1.5, 2, 3, 4.5 and 6 cubic yards.


The PRO3000 From Buyers Product

The new 9-1/2′ PRO3000 is a larger version of the SaltDogg PRO Series electric spreader. This model boasts a 3-cubic-yard capacity, which equates to roughly 3.2 tons of bulk #1 rock salt. The spreader joins the existing 1.5-, 2-, and 2.5-cubic-yard models. To create the PRO3000, Buyers upgraded its 3-cubic-yard spreader (SHPE3000) with a swing-away chute and a remote grease-bearing kit. The chute makes bulk-unloading extra material easy at the end of shift and it gives contractors the ability to load their walk-behinds quickly on-site. The remote grease-bearing kit takes the hassle out of lubricating the auger bearing. Both upgrades are standard features across the entire PRO Series line of spreaders. “Our customers’ feedback is our most valuable resource,” comments Scott Moorman, director of snow and ice at Buyers Products. “They love our PRO Series and wanted us to upgrade our 3-cubic-yard, electric, poly-hopper spreader to the same specs. So we did just that.”


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