Get Equipped: Landscape Lighting Products


Take a look at this assortment of landscape lighting products that can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

Landscape Lighting ProductsBamboo Lights from SOURCE® by CAST

New from the SOURCE® by CAST product line, SOURCE® Bamboo Lights (SBBL36 and SBBL44) are designed to illuminate an outdoor space beautifully, while integrating into and enhancing the landscape with surprising pops of light. Use the SOURCE® Bamboo Lights to boost outdoor ambiance in groupings with long grasses, around pool areas, and along the edges of decks mingled throughout flower beds to create a dramatic effect throughout the year. These lights can stand out, or blend into any outdoor design using a slim profile that melds into the natural surroundings of outdoor plant life, creating a soft ambient light. Available in two heights, 36″ and 44″, these fixtures have an 11/16″ diameter with a 12″ long illuminated frosted polycarbonate cylinder top that features an integrated 1LED Nichia chip and an anti-glare PMMA diffuser which softens the light so there is no harsh glare, which can be extremely distracting to the eye. These lights come with a five-year warranty.

Landscape Lighting ProductsNew Beam Variations In Micro Max Series From Garden Light LED

Garden Light LED Micro Series fixtures are designed to project powerful light from a small source in areas like stairs and steps, discrete overhangs, handrails, trees, potted plants, water features, and garden landscapes. Available in five different beam patterns, the Micro Series fixtures are miniature, measuring only 1.3″(w) x 1.5″(l) x 0.5″(h)—smaller than a matchbook. The Owl projects a long, oblong beam pattern; the Tiger Eye produces a rectangular beam; the Ram provides a V-shaped beam; and the Rock projects its beam forward and down. The original Micro Max provides a standard flood output. To ensure precision and consistency in production, these are manufactured using CNC machining—a process that relies on computer-controlled machines in the fabrication of components. All five Micro Series fixtures are IP68-rated—meaning they are dust-tight and can be immersed in water.

Landscape LightingLD Ledge Light From FX Luminaire

As the smallest ledge light from FX Luminaire, the reliable LD delivers top performance in a compact package. Designed to tuck underneath capstones or ledges, ledge lights are notoriously difficult to service. With its new snap-on lens feature, the LD ledge light makes installation and maintenance quick and easy. Simply remove the lens, make the adjustments, and snap it back into place—no tools required. The wire can be installed in either direction, and routine servicing can be done without disturbing the fixture, wire, or hardscape. Two-layer, marine-grade anodization and powder-coat finish offers double protection against corrosion. The durable, die-cast aluminum fixture comes preinstalled with a 20 W G4 LED lamp (for more light output, a 35 W lamp is available). Silicone-encapsulated COB LEDs increase lumen output, reduce heat, prevent water intrusion, and provide better durability than standard LEDs. Frosted plastic lens prevents hot spots to deliver a soft glow that beautifully illuminates any setting.

LED RGBW WiFi Smart LampLED RGBW WiFi Smart Lamp From Vista

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting’s new LED RGBW WiFi Smart Lamp, now in a line of Ryton R4 composite fixtures, is designed to provide the ultimate level of control. With Vista’s LED RGBW Smart Lamp, users can change the color of a single lamp’s light output to suit a particular holiday season or any aesthetic desired at any time. Pairing this lamp with Ryton R4 composite fixtures extends its range of WiFi connectivity significantly over more common alloy materials. Ryton R4 is a 40% glass-fiber-reinforced, high-performance polymer that’s especially durable even in the harshest outdoor conditions. Vista’s Ryton R4 fixtures are available in black and dark bronze powder-coated finishes to suit the needs of nearly any landscape lighting application.

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