Get Equipped: Pesticides And Fertilizers


Take a look at this assortment of pesticides and fertilizers that can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.


Finalsan® From Neudorff

Finalsan® Herbicidal Soap is a fast-acting weed, grass, algae, lichen, liverwort, and moss killer. A non-selective herbicide, it controls and suppresses many common annual, biennial, and perennial weeds that grow around ornamental flowers, shrubs, and trees. The activity is non-selective, and the soap will kill plants it comes in contact with but will not translocate to underground portions of the plants or harm the bark of mature, woody plants. Finalsan works in lawns bordering gardens, in bark mulch, around planters, raised beds, and containers. It can be used in planting beds before planting, or on roofs decks, patios, walks, brick, and cement. Finalsan leaves no harmful residue in the soil, and people and pets can reenter areas as soon as the spray dries. It doesn’t stain bricks, concrete, or asphalt.

Pesticides And Fertilizers

ATS 22-04 From Advanced Turf Solutions

ATS 22-0-4 50% XCU with Foliar-Pak Armament is a granular fertilizer enhanced with Armament technology, a patented, biodegradable nutrient enhancer that protects nutrient ions from interactions, antagonisms, and tie-up in the soil. Its highly negative charge unlocks nutrients that already exist in the soil and keeps them in a plant-usable form, capturing more cations. The result is increased nutrient uptake by as much as 30%, as well as deeper, stronger roots and improved plant resilience. Tissue tests have shown 9% higher nitrogen levels with Armament treatment—in addition to growth performance—compared to applying 30% more nitrogen without Armament. This allows for lower overall inputs and reduced costs. As a high-nitrogen fertilizer, ATS 22-0-4 contains 11% each of quick- and slow-release nitrogen.

Pesticides And Fertilizers


SCEPTER® T&O 70 WDG Herbicide for broad-spectrum weed control provides flexibility and control of many hard-to-control weeds. It contains the active ingredient imazaquin, which has been used for decades as a selective post-emergence herbicide. SCEPTER T&O can be used in landscape ornamental beds (including tolerant groundcovers, perennials, shrubs, and trees) and on certain warm-season turfgrasses (Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass, and Zoysiagrass) in residential and commercial lawns, golf courses, and sod farms. Featuring a WSSA Group 2 herbicide with an acetolactate synthase inhibitor mode of action, it is effective against dollarweed, green kyllinga, henbit, sedges, and other labeled weeds.

Pesticides And Fertilizers

Octane® 2% SC From SePRO

Octane is a simple, economical solution to faster weed control. Weeds sprayed with Octane typically show visual herbicidal symptoms within 24 to 48 hours. Octane provides efficacy on a wide range of the toughest broadleaf weeds. Tank mix with any broadleaf herbicide to boost its performance. Emerged weeds are quickly killed, providing instant customer satisfaction. Octane is also safe to use on recently seeded turf and is registered for silvery thread moss control. Risk of losing activity due to inclement weather is also minimized because it is rainfast in just one hour. It is also gentle on the environment and only requires a small amount of active ingredient per acre.


Torocity™ From Atticus/EcoCore

Mesotrione-based Torocity™ sets turf up for success with broad-spectrum weed control at a price point that makes sense. Torocity is an excellent tank-mix partner and delivers effective, systemic pre- and postemergence protection from over 45 broadleaf weed and grass varieties. Torocity is absorbed through plants’ roots, shoots, and leaves, which inhibits photo- synthesis and leaves targeted plants such as crabgrass, barnyard grass, clover, and verbena unable to grow beyond the seedling stage. From the golf course to landscapes and more, this foundational herbicide helps cultivate healthy turf.

Pesticides And Fertilizers

Scion® From FMC

Next-generation Scion® Insecticide—with innovative UVXTM Technology is engineered to deliver continuous residual control of mosquitoes under the harshest environmental conditions, high temperatures, and intense sunlight. The Scion solution offers proven mosquito control resulting in less time, less labor, and savings. It provides a durable and versatile option as a foundation in a mosquito program and a perimeter program. FMC guarantees 75 days of no retreatments after a professional mosquito control application of Scion. The Scion® Mosquito Assurance joins the 90-day Scion® Perimeter Assurance as a second assurance program for Scion.


RightLine® PROHEX 27.5 WDG

RightLine LLC has entered the Plant Growth Regulator market with the launch of its new RightLine PROHEX 27.5 WDG. It’s the first alternative source of the active ingredient Prohexadione Calcium, which has recently earned a significant position as a late state inhibitor, affording turfgrass professionals a new technology option to standard practices. RightLine PROHEX 27.5 WDG allows end users to control turfgrass growth patterns and maintenance budgets as well. Used in alternation or combination with trinexapac-ethyl (PRIMOÒ) RightLine PROHEX 27.5 WDG lasts longer in the plant and provides a unique mode of regulation. End users are seeing less negative side effects of trinexapac-ethyl like bronzing of treated turf, damaged collars, and rebound.

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