Get Equipped: Pesticides


Take a look at this assortment of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and more that can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

EcoCore™ From Atticus

PesticidesAtticus, LLC has rebranded its professional non-crop market business to EcoCore™; “Chemistry at the Core of Environmental Wellness.” EcoCore herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides fight unwanted threats and contribute to the safety and comfort of people, the beautification of surroundings, and the protection of personal property and critical infrastructure. Maintain beautiful turf with EcoCore from Atticus. Based in Cary, NC, Atticus is an American-owned and independently operated company. Offering a broad and expanding portfolio of relevant, branded-generic products for the professional market, the company also delivers a reliable experience for turf managers. With its nimble approach and operational excellence, Atticus makes it easy to find foundational chemistry. Atticus holds independent technical active ingredient registrations that are supported with organizational agility and a continuous appetite for product development, which will push the EcoCore portfolio to expand for years to come. Keep turf in prime shape with products such as fungicides Artavia™ 2 SC and Detour™ 4 SC; herbicides Empero™ and Torocity™; and Talak™ 7.9% F insecticide.

Kalida™ Fungicide From FMC

Kalida Fungicide From FMCThe combined power of two active ingredients: Fluindapyr (a novel broad-spectrum succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) fungicide); and Flutrafol (next-generation DMI), Kalida Fungicide provides complete protection against a wide spectrum of tough diseases. As a foundation fungicide and geared to golf courses, Kalida provides rapid uptake, longevity, and controls tough diseases as a standalone or part of a program. Kalida™ fungicide fits well in turfgrass disease management programs, allowing superintendents to rotate chemistry and achieve outstanding results. For warm season turf, Kalida is used against: Take-All Root Rot; Bipolaris Leaf Spot; Mini Ring; Fairy Ring; and Large Patch. For cool season turf, the product is used against: Anthracnose; Brown Patch; Dollar Spot; and Fairy Ring. Labeled use sites are: greens, fairways, tees, roughs, and commercial and industrial sites. FMC recently received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for Fluindapyr, which provides broad-spectrum activity against a wide range of destructive diseases in row and specialty crops, as well as turf. “Broad-spectrum disease control is important as multiple diseases can attack at the same time,” said Diane Allemang, FMC vice president and chief marketing officer. “Our research demonstrates that fluindapyr is an effective fungicide that is an excellent mixture partner to other fungicide active ingredients and is compatible with best-in-class disease management programs.”

Celsius® XTRA From Bayer

Celsius® XTRA From BayerControlling broadleaf weeds and sedges often requires multiple solutions, leading to tank-mixing, guesswork in measuring, and other unnecessary steps in the field. The Turf and Ornamentals business of Bayer offers lawn care operators a way to control these difficult weeds in one solution—with Celsius® XTRA. If technicians do not mix products correctly, they run the risk of errors that could either burn a lawn or reduce the efficacy of the product. Celsius® XTRA provides broadleaf weed and sedge control in one broad-spectrum solution. It combines the trusted broadleaf weed control of Bayer’s Celsius with the added control of sedges, for postemergence weed control. Celsius XTRA is effective on all major warm season turf types, including the most sensitive like St. Augustine grass and centipede grass. Celsius XTRA is proven to provide excellent, season-long control of broadleaf weeds, sedges, and kyllinga species. Whether the product is used to treat dandelions or put a stop to nutsedge, the broad-spectrum control of Celsius XTRA gives lawn care operators greater control. Celsius XTRA provides excellent control of over 100 broadleaf weeds and sedges, including the most problematic species. It has been tested in over 60 trials by 14 different universities across 18 states.

Safari® 20 SG Insecticide By Nufarm

PesticidesSafari® 20 SG Insecticide, a super-systemic insecticide with quick uptake and knockdown, controls a broad spectrum of ferocious and invasive pests, including spotted lanternfly, Q- and B-biotype whitefly, hemlock woolly adelgid, emerald ash borer, mealybug, leafminer, fungus gnat, black vine weevil, glassy-winged sharpshooter, armored and soft scales, and lacebug—some of the most pests that affect costly trees, shrubs, and herbaceous ornamentals in the landscape. Safari Insecticide can be used for spotted lanternfly control in container and field grown ornamentals, outdoor landscapes, tree plantations, and forests and wooded areas. The product can be applied as a foliar spray, soil drench, soil injection, or basal trunk spray. For spotted lanternfly, optimal application timing is from mid-May to August. The spotted lanternfly is believed to have arrived in the United States with a shipment of landscaping stones in 2014. Since their arrival in Pennsylvania, spotted lanternflies have spread to numerous states. This damaging insect claims host to more than 70 different plant species, such as fruit, ornamental, and landscape trees (including pine, oak, walnut, poplar, willow, maple, and sycamore trees), as well as vegetables, herbs, and vines. As the lanternflies feed, they excrete a sugary substance which promotes growth of a sooty mold and can attract other pests. Over time, this can weaken and kill plants or trees.

AccuFlo® Soil Injector ISD From Arborjet

PesticidesThe patent pending AccuFlo® Soil Injector ISD from Arborjet is a flexible system that allows you to apply plant growth regulators, fertilizers, and pesticides more precisely as a soil injection. Different attachments also enable users to apply a soil drench or spray. The backpack is battery-powered for quiet work and a low carbon footprint, while providing variable pressure and up to 100 psi in the soil. A nine gallon roller tank cart is also available for larger applications. Solution is agitated through a recirculating flow. It features a measured hard stop allowing for precise and repeatable dosing up to 300 ml, which is beneficial when dealing with formulations requiring accuracy. The AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD uses Arborjet’s product application technology to deliver precise and repeatable dosing at twice the pressure, and half the weight. It is a versatile, portable, and intuitive system for all soil injection, drench, and foliar spray application needs.

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