Get Equipped: Plows And Attachments


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a look at these five plows and attachments that can improve your professional snow and ice management services.

Challenger & Snow Blades by Cub CadetPlows And Attachments

Whether you’re removing snow from a driveway or clearing walking paths, Cub Cadet has two UTV snow blades for the job. If you’re plowing walking trails or campus pathways, the 58-inch blade is specifically designed for the Cub Cadet Challenger 400 4×4, with heavy-duty 13-gauge steel and e-coat for protection. For larger snow removal jobs such as parking lots, the Cub Cadet 72-inch snow blade allows operators to plow snow from the comfort of an enclosed Challenger MX 550 or MX 750 EPS cabin. Both kits include blade, side markers, skid shoes, rubber flap, and synthetic rope.


Heavy-Duty XV2™ V-Plow by Fisher EngineeringPlows And Attachments

Measuring 10 feet 6 inches wide, this new model is designed to fit Class four to six vehicles, is offered in both powder coated and stainless steel, and is available with optional new FISHER INTENSIFIRE™ LED headlamps with EdgeView™ Technology. It’s constructed with four vertical ribs and eight exclusive x-bracing ribs that provide structural integrity and torsional strength. The flared wings soar from a 35-inch center height up to 45 inches at the outer edges. The new model has a larger center snow control, a new T-Frame that uses a solid, one-piece construction, and includes integrated blade angle stops and an oscillating pivot bar. Other features include a trip-edge design to get over bumps and hidden obstacles whether in V, scoop, or straight-blade configuration. InstaLock double-acting cylinders allow the operator to lock the wings together when using the v-plow in straight blade mode and hold the wings firmly in place for clean, efficient back dragging.

Super-V3™ Plow by MeyerSuper-V3™ Plow by Meyer

The all-new Meyer® Super-V3TM Plow offers industry-leading ground clearance so operators do not have to worry about bottoming out. The wings can be controlled independently, while Meyer’s exclusive Nite Saber® LED lights offer safer, efficient nighttime plowing. The next generation of V-Plows features the following exclusives: a bottom centered urethane cutting edge eliminates snow trails; a pistol grip controller with self-diagnostics reduces downtime; and a five-year warranty. Other features include: dual-acting locking cylinders provide ultimate control, locking the blade position whether plowing forward or backward; trip-edge moldboards absorb and dissipate shock so you don’t lose the entire load, or subject your truck, plow and yourself to the full impact; and fleet friendly capability, allowing easy switch out of the V3 plow with a Meyer straight blade. The Super-V3’s Standard Operating System has a streamlined appearance with an encased power unit and patented cable management system. The hydraulic system also features an adjustable drop speed.

Snowrator by BOSS ProductsSnowrator by BOSS Products

BOSS Products acquired the Snowrator® brand in 2018 and then re-engineered the Snowrator to maximize the performance and reliability of this multi-tasking solution that allows operators to brine, spread, and plow at the same time. BOSS-engineered improvements include a four-foot hydraulic snowplow with 20-inch polyethylene skin and improved electrical and plow attachment systems. The Snowrator also now accepts all BOSS ATV plow accessories and common parts. BOSS-designed features and improvements include: a BOSS chassis provides greater protection from puncture to the standard brine tank and features a new, removable rear plate; rear fenders and splashguards; vehicle hardware features nylon locking nuts to prevent loosening; responsive hydraulic lever turn control; a rear reference bar; the front reference bar is now notched to prevent slipping and offers a method of limiting vehicle speed; and LED work lights provide clear visibility on the job. Available accessories for the Snowrator include a 20-gallon auxiliary tank, plow wing extensions, material carrying trays, broadcast spreader, plow box wings, shovel mounting brackets, EXACT PATH drop spreader, urethane cutting edge, and five-gallon bucket mounts.

ActivEdge by SnowWolfActivEdge by SnowWolf

Introducing ActivEdge, a floating sectional cutting edge featuring proprietary composite springs that are a first in the snow removal industry. The springs are impervious to water and all other elements, have exceptional rebound characteristics, and maintain consistent compression strength in temperatures from -40°F to 150°F for longevity and effectiveness regardless of plowing or storage conditions. Available for install on QuattroPlow, QuattroPlowXT, QuattroPlowTR, UltraPlow snowplows, and UltraPusherTE snow pushers. ActivEdge sections come in 18- and 24-inch lengths, depending on plow length. It can be retrofitted to previously purchased SnowWolf plows by simply replacing the trip edge. The floating cutting edge assembly design is simple to maintain with parts that are quick and easy to replace.

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