Get Equipped: Snow & Ice Management


This assortment of snow & ice management equipment can improve and add value to the professional services you offer your company’s clients. 

BobcatBobcat Snowblower Attachment

Equipped with nine different width options, and an increased intake height and bigger auger, operators can clear more flakes in less time. The attachment features a direct-drive, sprocket-style chute rotation that enables operators to point snow in virtually any direction and set it wherever the job requires—even in hard-to-reach places. The chute delivers 270 ̊ of rotation, a 15 ̊ increase over previous designs. High-flow models capture extra available hydraulic horsepower from the carrier. Adjustable skid shoes mounted to the sides of the snow-blower allow raising or lowering the clearing depth. The skid shoes not only make it easy to maintain ground alignment, but can also help guide operators along curbs or walls—while preventing contact with the snowblower itself.

snow & ice management equipmentCaterpillar 906 Compact Wheel Loader

The Cat® 906 Compact Wheel Loader has a C2.8 engine with a high torque, low speed design and features a clean emission module designed to manage itself. With 360° cab visibility and seat-mounted controls, the 906 includes a multifunction joystick for lift and tilt functions, integrated thumb operated speed range, forward/neutral/reverse switch, trigger operated differential lock and constant flow. The machine’s digital display with soft touch but-tons easily controls linkage and drivetrain. Caterpillar’s Intelligent Power Management system monitors operator input and available power to keep the machine working efficiently. New Utility Mode via the display enables right pedal machine operation. Operators can adjust machine responsiveness. Once customized, settings can be locked with “simplified mode.” Machine security is enhanced with a standard keycode or optional Bluetooth® technology.

snow & ice management equipmentSTIHL KMA 135 R KombiMotor & KW-KM STIHL POWERSWEEP™ Attachment

The battery-powered KMA 135 R KombiMotor delivers performance on par with gas-powered products with reduced noise and zero emissions. The KMA 135 R has a variable speed trigger with three performance levels. The onboard battery slot can support both an onboard battery or a backpack battery. The machine is equipped with a comfortable rubberized control handle designed with optimized geometry. Featuring an onboard air filter, it’s Certified as Zero Emission Equipment by the California Air Resources Board. The STIHL PowerSweep attachment for the KombiSystem is a versatile option for many jobs, including light snow removal. It features heavy-duty rubber flaps to remove water and light snow from hard, flat surfaces.

snow & ice management equipmentFISHER® STEEL-CASTER™ Hopper Spreaders with Pre-Wet Capability

Bring efficiency to any salting operation with the pre-wet and direct liquid application kits for the FISHER STEEL-CASTER 0.7-6.0 cu yd stainless steel hoppers. This accessory kit permits the operator to activate the salt before it hits the spinner, which accelerates melting for faster results. Pre-wet salt granules bounce less, keeping the material where machine operators want it to go. Studies have shown that pre-wetting can reduce salt application rates by 20% to 30%. STEEL-CASTER stainless steel hopper spreaders feature a corrosion-resistant hopper, pintle chain conveyor system, flip-up chute, and dual variable-speed control.

SnowEx Scrape Maxx Down-Force kitsSnowEx® Scrape Maxx™ Down-Force Kits

Unleash any plow’s scraping potential with SnowEx Scrape Maxx Down-Force kits, now standard on all SnowEx truck plows. This feature gives users the ability to apply downward force to bust through hard pack and maximize to-the-pavement scraping performance. Scrape Maxx also unlocks commercial-grade, heavy-duty performance from SnowEx Light-Truck and Regu-lar-Duty plows, improving back dragging and overall clearing capabilities without the need to upgrade to a larger vehicle or heavier plow. Providing more downward force to keep the blade against the surface—even over uneven terrain—the Scrape Maxx is ideal for back dragging jobs. Since the Kit utilizes capacities already built into truck plows, installation and control are easy. Simply press and hold the down button to engage and the Scrape Maxx feature does the rest.

snow & ice management equipmentWESTERN® PILE-DRIVER™ WITH TRACE™ Edge Technology

The WESTERN PILE DRIVER lineup of pusher plows—available in 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, and 16′ widths—comes with three heights and a common carrier attachment system, making installation easy with a wide variety of equipment. A floating coupler reduces negative down pressure from the vehicle, protecting against pre-mature wear. Plow operation is conveniently tied into the equipment’s controls. Simply raise and lower the lift arm and angle the attachment plate to position the pusher. The patent-pending TRACE™ edge system consists of independent 2′ sections that oscillate, move vertically, and trip to accommodate obstacles in the plowable surface. A 3/4″ cutting edge with carbide insert provides durability, and self-leveling side plates keep the TRACE edge in contact with the plowing surface for a cleaner scrape.

Workman UTX utility vehiclesToro® Workman® UTX

Toro’s all-new line of Workman UTX utility vehicles are durable, versatile, and rugged. The commercial-grade, 4-wheel drive vehicle is built on a high-strength steel frame and uses a proprietary ground speed governing system, allowing the operator to limit the speed of the machine without gutting the power. Made to take on tough winter conditions, the Workman UTX is equipped with an integrated BOSS plow mount, all-weather cab with heat, and push-button 4-wheel drive. Like a full-sized vehicle, the Workman UTX is road-ready with standard turn signals, brake lights, hazards, LED headlights, and horn. The Workman UTX is available in two and four-passenger models.

Cub CadetCub Cadet® 2X™ 28” with IntelliPower™

The Cub Cadet 2X is equipped with heavy-duty augers, a shave plate with 12″ serrated steel construction, and an extended polymer chute. It can handle up to 12″ of snow and can throw up to 40′. Equipped with Cub Cadet’s IntelliPower engine technology, it provides consistent power in heavy and wet snow conditions by digitally optimizing engine output. By automatically increasing power, operators can worry less about bogging and slowing down on the job. Power steering allows for easy, intuitive control while heated hand grips help provide comfortable operation even on very cold days. Dual LED headlights allow for snow clearing before dawn or after dark, giving professionals the opportunity to get more properties done in a day.

ASV MAXASV MAX-Series Skid Steers

First introduced with compact track loaders in May 2021, these skid steers can be used for efficient snow removal. The skid steers have a next-generation cab available with 360 ̊ visibility, roomier opera-tor area, more comfortable seat, and high-tech touch-screen display. MAX-Series skid steers also feature rated operating capacities, departure angles, breakout force, hydraulic performance, ground clearance, speed, ease of serviceability, and cooling packages. The radial-lift,75 HP RS-75 includes a 2,600 pound rated operating capacity and a 5,845 pound breakout force. The vertical-lift VS-75 features a 5,920 pound breakout force and an impressive 3,500 pound-rated operating capacity for its 75 HP. The VS-75’s high-capacity rivals many95 to 100 HP units, providing fuel economy and reduced price, with the performance of some of the largest skid steers.

Hilltip IceStrikeHilltip IceStriker™ 6000CM Combi Spreader

Hilltip’s IceStriker 6000CM is a combination spreader capable of hauling 6 cu. yds. of bulk material and 300 gallons of liquid. Every machine comes standard with StrikeSmart™ controllers featuring ground speed control and patented HTrack™ 2-way GPRS tracking and control system. When used in conjunction with HTrack, users can see the exact amount of material they are applying and all details of the application. Standard equipment includes a 12″ pintle chain, 18″ stainless spinner disk, and stainless-steel mounted parts. Worksites can be geo-fenced and assigned to the machine so the correct amount of material for a contract is always applied. Application metrics and options can be controlled remotely from any device, anywhere in the world. Available options include pre-wet kits, spray bars, 40′ hose reels, work lights, strobe lights, leg stands, end of material alarms, accessory bladders, stainless steel pintle chains, custom hopper colors, and asymmetry adjustment.

snow & ice management equipmentHusqvarna ST 430T

Husqvarna ST 430T snow blowers offer the maneuver-ability required to manage rough sidewalks, driveways, or common areas. They combine EFI technology with a smooth-running track system for tough environments. The ST 430T’s electronic fuel injected engines provide fuel efficiency, steady power, and low maintenance. Hydrostatic transmission provides infinitely variable speeds which perform well on rough terrain. The all-steel operator console and cast-iron impeller offer durability. Bucket height is adjustable through a control on the panel. Convenient controls, with heated handle grips, allow for easy changes to the chute direction and vertical throwing position.

Brass KnuckleBrass Knuckle® SmartFlex™ BK360

For those working in the cold, the Brass Knuckle® SmartFlex™ BK360 offers black-on-black styling; a soft and comfortable fit; and full insulation. The layered protection is comprised of 13-gauge nylon knit on a 7-gauge napped acrylic liner finished with a full foam latex palm and fingers, which will not stiffen like other coatings in cold environments (though not recommended for oil exposure). Ideally suited for dry-grip applications, BK360 will also help prevent light-liquid penetration. A full knit seamless and stretchable wrist helps prevent dirt, debris, and cold air from getting inside the glove.