Get Equipped: Snowplows & Attachments


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]ake a look at this assortment of snowplows and attachments that can improve and add value to your professional snow and ice management services.

SK-R 6 Box Plow From BOSS Snowplowsnowplows

The SK-R 6 joins the SK-R 8 and SK-R 10 to expand BOSS’ line of SK Box Plows for tractors, skid steers, and other compact vehicle equipment. SK Box Plows from BOSS are designed to put the full force and maneuverability of compact vehicle equipment into getting the pavement back to black. The floating edge and pivot system keep the cutting edge in contact with the pavement regardless of the contour. The new SK-R 6 features a reversible 1” rubber cutting edge designed for quieter plowing operation and better protection to sensitive surfaces. The SK-R 6 joins the five other models in the SK Box Plow line; it features a 79” width, four vertical ribs, and two horizontal pans.

SG Snowplow From Steel Green

snowplowsDon’t let your fertilizer spreader/sprayer sit unused all winter long. The SG Snowplow attaches to Steel Green Manufacturing spreader-sprayer machines and enables contractors to utilize this equipment for snow plowing. The SG Snowplow is compatible with Steel Green models SG46 and SG52. Steel Green purchased the rights to manufacture the Z-Plow™ and is producing a snowplow attachment to transform its zero-turn spreader/sprayer into a sidewalk snow-removing machine with up to 350 pounds of salt-spreading capacity. The SG Snowplow is made with all stainless-steel construction and resists corrosion from salt and liquid deicer. It features a poly plow blade, which is lighter and stronger than comparable steel plows. Live hydraulics control the plow angle, down pressure, lift, and float with a single joystick valve. The rubber cutting edge scrapes clean without damaging sensitive areas, and LED lights provide ample light. The attachment kit includes hydraulics, hoses, brackets and fittings, and will be compatible with other attachments available from Steel Green in the future.

SnowDogg XPII From Buyers Productssnowplows

The SnowDogg XPII is part of an expanded truck plow line-up for the 2020/21 season. This next generation expanding wing plow extends from an 8-foot to 10-foot wide scoop-position plow. The plow is designed to provide an extremely reliable plow at an industry-leading value. The XPII can push out its flared wings to clear a true 10 feet while remaining in a full scoop position. Each wing can be operated separately for optimal windrowing and snow consolidation. The plow features Buyers’ standard 304 stainless steel blade and optional Illuminator™ heated LED lights. Buyers builds the entire line of SnowDogg plows at their Northeast Ohio headquarters.

RDV V-Plow From SnowEx

snowplowsThe SnowEx® RDV™ V-plow includes many features of heavy-duty plows, but is specifically designed for half-ton trucks. Constructed of high-strength, low-alloy steel, it’s stronger and lighter than conventional steel and configures to varying eights for optimum performance on popular truck models. Available with powder-coated or stainless steel blades, it’s 7’6” wide as a straight blade or 6’9” wide in V mode. Double-acting angle cylinders allow wings to be adjusted independently or locked together for straight-blade operation and clean back-dragging. Trip edges are included to protect equipment and operator if an unseen obstacle is struck. The plow is 27” high in the center and 33” high at the edge. Accessories include a 10” rubber deflector, shoe assembly kit, AR400 steel curb guard kit, cast iron curb guard kit, 1/2” steel cutting edge, 1” poly cutting edge, blade stop kit, back drag edge, and the Scrape Maxx down-force kit.

Toro Dingo With BOSS Blade Attachment

There are two new snow removal attachments available for the Toro® Dingo® compact utility loader line—the 4’ and 5’ BOSS® snowplow attachments. With a simple changeout of attachments, Dingo units can effectively and efficiently handle even the most challenging snow and ice removal tasks. These BOSS snowplows feature polyethylene blades, striking a balance between a lightweight design and impressive durability. And the reversible cutting edge ultimately adds to attachment longevity. If obstacles are struck, the full-blade trip design minimizes severe impacts to the attachment, the compact utility loader, and most importantly, the operator. Additionally, the hydraulic 30˚ adjustment in either direction eliminates the need for operators to make manual adjustments in winter conditions. Additional options for the BOSS plow include a 6” blade extension kit, a snow deflector kit, a plow shoe kit, box wing extension, and urethane edge kit. Attachments are compatible with Dingo 320-D, 323, TX 427, TX 525 and TX 1000 models.

Xtendor Universal Plow Guard From Winter Equipment

The Xtendor® Universal plow guard is designed to fit BOSS® snowplows along with most Douglas Dynamic (Fisher®, Western® and SnowEx), Meyer® and SnowDogg® snow plows. Some exceptions may apply depending on the cutting edge hole pattern. Designed to protect against premature and uneven wear typically experienced on curb edges and corners, the guard features high-quality Winter®Carbide Matrix™ filled hard surfacing in the bottom pockets. Its proprietary A22 steel alloy one-piece casting allows for easy installation and promotes the wear life throughout the entire guard. Snow channels on the front bottom of the Xtendor Universal guard create an aggressive cutting surface to break up hard packed snow and direct it vertically. The “W” design in the center reduces overall product weight and, if preferred, allows the guard to be welded directly to the blade to decrease lateral movement. Intended for use on city streets and lots, Xtendor Universal plow guards reduce uneven and premature wear and help to eliminate in-season blade changes. The Xtendor Universal plow guard is 6” tall, 21” long and 1.5” deep, and comes ready to mount.

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