Get Equipped: Spreaders, Sprayers & Seed


Here are some of the latest Spreader, Sprayer & Seed introductions! Companies also exhibiting at GIE+EXPO, held October 20-22 in Louisville, KY, include Booth numbers. For more Get Equipped product introductions, including other GIE exhibitors, see GIE+EXPO Preview, Snow & Ice Management and Small Engine & Handheld Equipment.

Spreaders, Sprayers & Seed

STARR From Go Seed

STARR, a Kentucky Bluegrass from Go Seed , has earned #1 in Turf Quality, #1 in the Transition Zone, and #1 in Seedling Vigor for three years running at the Kentucky Bluegrass NTEP Trials. Highlights of this solid performer include rapid establishment and year-round turf density. Starr’s winter color is superior to that of many elite type bluegrasses and has early spring green up characteristics, making this bluegrass one of the best in summer performance available today.


Spreaders, Sprayers & Seed50 Gallon SG46 From Steel Green Manufacturing

Steel Green Manufacturing has increased the liquid capacity of the SG46 zero-turn sprayer/spreader from 30 gallons to 50 gallons, and it still fits through a 48″gate. It has all the power and spreading capacity of Steel Green’s largest model, the SG52, in a more compact size. In addition to the new liquid capacity, the SG46 sprayer/spreader holds up to 320 pounds of granular products with its Spyker 220-pound hydraulic-driven granular system and dual high-density poly fertilizer trays. A 23.5 HP Kawasaki engine rounds out the SG46. Other features include its: 3-section variable spray control (up to 8’); variable spread width (up to 25’), 200,000 sq. ft. coverage per fill (based on using ¼ gallon spray nozzles); stainless steel side deflector and breakaway boom with hidden plumbing; 22″ rear wheels for additional hillside stability; 5-gallon fuel capacity; and 10-mph maximum transport speed.

Visit Booth #9208 Indoors or #7434D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

Spreaders, Sprayers & SeedT5000 Spreader/Sprayer From Turfco

The T5000 Spreader/Sprayer high-capacity riding applicator is built for larger properties, with its 60-gallon sprayer and 325-pound spreader capacity coupled with a powerful 22 HP engine delivering speeds up to 7 mph. The intuitive, steering wheel drive system provides stability on hills, eliminates turf-tearing, and reduces training time. A scaled-up version of Turfco’s T3100, the T5000 shares a similar operating system, so users can train more easily. The T5000’s two-nozzle boomless spray system delivers an effective spray width of 10’, increasing productivity up to 29% percent over existing units, and eliminates some of the maneuverability challenges of spray booms. The hydraulically driven spreader provides control up to 25’ wide. A unique hard trim eliminates off-target prills. The drive system maximizes performance and boosts comfort with an easy-to-operate patented steering wheel, and hands-free speed control.

Visit Booth #7040 Indoors or #6152D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

Spreaders, Sprayers & SeedZ-Seed Walk-Behind Slicer Seeder From Z Turf Equipment

With its tough, easy to use design and proven results, the 20″ Z-Seed efficiently performs three jobs with each pass – verticutting, dethatching, and overseeding – and the infinitely variable hydrostatic drive with powered reverse makes it incredibly easy to operate. The high-carbon blades effectively dethatch existing turf and deliver maximum seed-to-soil contact for superior seed germination and ultimately, better results. A large-diameter mixer regulates seed flow based on ground speed for efficient seed delivery at any speed, and a large 40-pound seed hopper maximizes runtime between fill-ups to handle large jobs.

Visit the Exmark/Z Turf Equipment Booth #7080 Indoors or #7444D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

Spreaders, Sprayers & SeedFS5250 Voyager From Ferris

Designed with commercial areas, sports turf, and large properties in mind, the new Ferris FS5250 Voyager commercial spreader/sprayer provides 20% more productivity due to the greatest capacity and widest spray coverage available. The Ferris hopper holds 250 pounds or 80 gallons. Select from a 4’, 8’, or 12’ spray width to deliver product precisely. Plus, a 75’ hose allows treatment of hard to reach areas on-foot. On uneven terrain, the Iso-Mounted Operator Platform provides comfort, while a pivoting front axle ensures all four wheels hold contact with the terrain for a smooth ride and more consistent ground-to-nozzle distance. Outward folding boom sections can be released from the operator platform and feature bi-directional breakaway to prevent damage. The Voyager FS5250 features a stainless-steel frame and a 38-gross HP Vanguard V-Twin engine.

Visit the Ferris, Simplicity, Snapper Booth #5016 Indoors or #6500D Outdoors at GIE+EXPO.

Spreaders, Sprayers & SeedLawnifi® Santee Centipede Seed From Sod Solutions®

Santee® Centipede is an improved, more robust centipede grass variety. Its massive root system helps above-the-ground grass blades recover from damage quickly by rapidly covering the ground. Now offered as a seeded variety in 2-pound containers and 25-pound bags, Lawnifi® Santee Centipede Seed is a great way to fill in bare spots or start a new centipede lawn or landscape. Santee Centipede Seed comes coated with a layer of Lawnifi fertilizer designed to promote root growth and successful establishment at planting. Lawnifi Santee Centipede Seed grows in faster than common centipede and features good fall color retention and spring green-up. This results in a longer green appearance during the active growing season. For new lawns and landscapes, use 0.5 pounds of seed per 1,000 sq. ft. For overseeding use 0.5 pounds of seed per 2,000 sq. ft. Sod Solutions Pro® offers bulk and wholesale pricing for turfgrass professionals.

Spreaders, Sprayers & SeedCompetition Grade™ Blends & Mixes From DLF

Many sports field managers select Competition Grade™ blends and mixtures from DLF for their superior turf quality, fast establishment, and proven wear tolerance. Landscapers can specify the same blends and mixes for residential lawns with the same outstanding qualities. Competition Grade turf can withstand sports and play whether from people, dogs, or both and keep performing and looking its best. These blends and mixes are specifically crafted to meet the demands of the highest-level athletic surfaces in the world. Each contains varieties chosen for attributes that will aid in quick self-repair, fast establishment, early spring green-up, high wear tolerance and active cool weather growth. Performance-tested turfgrass genetics are present in Competition Grade blends, which come in three series: Speed, Power, and Agility, to provide options for turf that meet your needs.

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