Get Equipped: Tree Care


Take a look at this assortment of tree care equipment that can add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

Notch Flow Rope Wrench & Fusion Flow ComboNotch Flow Rope Wrench & Fusion Flow Combo

Notch Equipment and Kevin Bingham have come together to release a new Flow Rope Wrench and Fusion Flow Combo, giving tree professionals the freedom of custom friction on their ropes. The new Notch Flow Rope Wrench returns to the use of an adjustable bollard, which is an evolution from the ZK-1 model. The new Rope Wrench also features an improved ultra-low drag ascent which can be customized to a setup to save climber energy. With an adjustable concave stainless steel bollard providing custom friction setting and an improved ultra-low drag descent, the Notch Flow Rope Wrench fits rope diameter ranging from 7/16″ to ½”.

DeWALT DXGP210 Gas Pole SawDeWALT DXGP210 Gas Pole Saw

The DXGP210 is designed with a low-kickback 10″ bar and chain for added safety and an automatic oiler that keeps the bar and chain well-lubricated to minimize maintenance and extend equipment life. A 27 cc full-crank, commercial-grade engine delivers reliable power for routine use. Reach farther with a 7′ extension pole and get a comfortable grip with overmold handles designed to lessen hand strain. This versatile pole saw can be converted into other tools to tackle more tasks with attachment capability and TrimmerPlus system compatibility.

tree care equipmentBrushcat™ Rotary Cutter Attachments

The 44″ and 54″ Rotary Cutters are the newest attachments to the Brushcat lineup from Bobcat. The smallest two models in the lineup, they deliver powerful cutting and access to areas of untamed growth where larger rotary cutters cannot go. These new size offerings expand the company’s current attachment choices for the mini track loader and small articulated loader lines. The models feature a high-efficiency, direct-drive motor that maximizes hydraulic horsepower for cutting and mulching of tall, thick vegetation in one pass. The high cutting speeds and heavy-duty blades maximize inertia to cut and mulch vegetation up to 2″ in diameter.

Arborjet Supersonic Air KnifeArborjet Supersonic Air Knife

Revamped and redesigned with the LT Standard and LT Vacuum attachment, this lightweight model is now even more maneuverable, while offering the same functionality and even more comfort. The body has been redesigned to be lighter and offers easier access to the pressure gauge and internal valves. The trigger handle is longer, wider, and more ergonomic and the new barrel handle is now longer and wider. The collar makes adjustment easier and reduces scratching. Coming this Spring 2022 is a bag attachment for the vacuums. A heavy-duty mesh bag with strong zippers and handles, it can catch debris from the vacuum to be moved or returned to the dig site, as well as help with general cleanup.

tree care equipmentSTIHL HT 105 Pole Pruner

The STIHL HT 105 pole pruner is designed to help pros tackle low-hanging and high branches while also minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing cutting precision. Its new lightweight square telescoping shaft increases rigidity while extending to a variety of heights and easily locking into position. With its semi-automatic choke lever, one-touch stop, no-slip grip design, and 1/4″ STIHL PICCO™ (PM3) saw chain, the HT 105 makes tough jobs easier. Upgrades from the previous model include a new durable metal gearbox with a metal branch hook, outboard guide bar and saw chain mounting, and a quick-adjustment shaft design.


tree care equipmentKubota U10-5 Compact Excavator

Kubota has a new addition to its excavator lineup: the U10-5 minimal tail swing excavator. Ideal for working in tight spaces, the U10-5 is for someone who requires a compact excavator in the 0 to 1-ton range, but in a more compact frame with minimal tail swing for agility and flexibility. The U10-5 offers easy, single-level maneuver-ability with hydraulic adjustable track widths that quickly contract to 2’ 6″ to fit through small spaces like doorways, fence gates, and more. The tracks can then widen out to 3’ 3″. The U10-5 extends to a 5’11” digging depth with a bucket breakout force of 2,337 lbs. A hydraulic control system offers smooth operation and an increase in digging productivity; while the side lever joystick operational controls are the same as found on larger Kubota excavators.

Corona ClassicCut Bypass LopperCorona ClassicCut® Bypass Lopper

Corona’s 36″ ClassicCUT Bypass Lopper has new, improved elliptical aluminum hands that are lightweight and strong. This 2″ cut-capacity lopper has a resharpenable FORGED Radial Arc bypass blade and slant-ground hook with self-cleaning sap groove. Other features include: a fully heat-treated steel alloy Precision-made, self-aligning bolt; a Shock Stop® bumper to reduce shoulder fatigue; and the ClassicCUT design.



tree care equipmentDeere ME36 & ME50 Mulchers

John Deere has introduced new attachments for excavators: the ME36 and ME50 Mulchers. Ideal for clearing standing/felled trees and brush, the mulchers are available as dealer installed kits for the Deere 50/60 and 75/85 excavators but are also compatible with many competitive 5–10 ton excavators. Equipped with knife-style cutting teeth on a split ring rotor, the mulchers’ spiral, double helix tool pattern and innovative tool shape allow for efficient cutting of up to 5″ material. A controlled and metered cutting depth allows the operator to maintain high rotor rpms and a productive mulching rate. The teeth may be sharpened and easily flipped for a fresh cutting edge, extending the tool’s life.


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