Get Equipped: Tree Care Products


Take a look at this assortment of tree care products that can improve and add value to your professional lawn care and landscaping services.

tree care productsBC1500 Gas Brush Chipper From Vermeer

The Vermeer BC1500 gas brush chipper is equipped with a powerful 165 HP PSI gas engine and delivers comparable chipping productivity as its diesel counterpart. Using a precision-balanced drum with two A8 double-sided knives, the BC1500 gas brush chipper is capable of chipping logs up to 15″ in diameter. The onboard SmartFeed system monitors engine rpms and automatically stops and reverses the feed rollers to optimize the productivity of the Vermeer brush chipper. In addition, the chipper comes with the Vermeer EcoIdle™ engine control system that will automatically lower engine speeds when the chipper is left idling to reduce fuel consumption and noise.

Crary® Bear Cat®CH1015H From Crary® Bear Cat®

Crary Bear Cat introduces the CH1015H chipper. It features a 57HP Kubota gas engine and has a chipping capacity of 10″. The CH1015H comes mounted on a trailer that includes the standard 2″ ball w/safety chains and 4 pin wiring harness. Its telescoping tongue accommodates different lengths that allow for optimal towing performance. Inside is a factory balanced rotor, a 308 lb 32” diameter disk that is 1.25″ thick. The CH1015H comes with six reversible blades that provide double the wear and smaller bites to help keep the rpms up for higher efficiency. The Digital Display Controller (DDC) allows control of the rotor rpms for efficient operation, helps troubleshoot any issues, and provides maintenance reminders. The hydraulic flow control is efficient and results in effortless chipping. The 360˚ rotating chute with adjustable deflector is ideal for multiple discharge locations or loading into a truck. The safety stop bars and E-Stops provide the operator multiple locations to stop the machine in the case of an emergency. The CH1015H has built-in tool storage, optional accessories, and access panels for engine maintenance.

tree care productsSMH2419 From Iron & Oak

The SMH2419 Skid Steer Log Splitter from Iron & Oak is popular for those who wish to bring the log splitter to their pile, instead of bringing the pile to their log splitter. The durable, long-lasting, industrial-grade I-beam allows the unit to be rated for fully loaded, continuous use. The large 12″ heavy-duty wedge can take on large logs. This horizontal log splitter can split logs up to 25″ long and 24″ in diameter. The 24 Ton* Skid Steer Log Splitter is operated 100% from the cab of the skid steer. The Splitter can be quickly and securely attached using the standard skid steer plate. The unit comes standard with 9’ nylon wrap hoses that protect them from wear and tear and add protection from harsh weather elements. (*The maximum splitting force of 24 tons and pressure of 3,500 PSI is dependent on the skid steer.)

HusqvarnaT540i XP® From Husqvarna

The T540i XP is Husqvarna’s most powerful battery-powered top-handle chainsaw, equivalent to a 40cc professional gas saw when fitted with a BLi200X battery. This saw is an ideal tool for all tree care professionals since it was designed for those who want a smooth, high performance chainsaw. The T540i XP features excellent ergonomics, high chain speed, low weight, and the benefits of battery power without compromising cutting performance. Plus, the integrated connectivity makes it easy to keep track of usage stats, service history, and last known location in the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app. This saw was also built with user safety in mind as the hand guard design allows for an unobstructed view while doing precise cuts, and its sturdy point feature makes it easy to fasten a rope to it and hoist it up into a tree.

tree care productsL Series Battle Ax™ Mulching Heads From Loftness

Loftness has expanded its line of Battle Ax horizontal drum mulchers with the new L Series, designed for low-flow skid steers with 16- to 30-gallon-per-minute hydraulic flow ratings. The new models allow the Battle Ax to be used on a wider variety of power equipment, since previous models were only available for high-flow skid steers. L Series Battle Axes are available with 51″ and 61″ cutting widths. Like other Battle Ax models, the L Series features a new rotor design with built-in depth gauges, which function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. This unique design is more ideal for managing the amount of material being fed into the attachment than competitive ring-style rotors. The new horizontal drum mulchers also include an exclusive two-stage cutting chamber, which allows material to be cut twice by the rotor and helps produce small particle sizes. The primary shear bar is adjustable to customize particle size.


With reliable performance delivered from STIHL battery power, the MSA 220 C-B is the most powerful battery chain saw in the STIHL lineup. Capable of felling and limbing, this saw is also the first STIHL battery chain saw with a 16″ bar and comes equipped with 3/8″ STIHL PICCO™ saw chain. Its durable construction and reliable performance make it a strong addition to the professional arsenal. This chain saw offers STIHL quality and performance in a powerful, lightweight, battery package. When paired with the STIHL AP 300 S battery, the MSA 220 C-B has up to 20% greater cutting performance and 50% faster chain speed compared to the previous model, delivering the power professional users need for a range of cutting applications.

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