GIE+EXPO New Products


Here are the new products that our advertisers will be showcasing at this year’s GIE+EXPO!

Easy Clean Up of Grass and Leaves

The Ventrac RV600 Vacuum Collection System is for grass and leaf collection and consists of three primary components: the bin assembly, which mounts to the rear of 4000 series tractors; the suction/blower system powered by a 9 hp Vanguard engine with electric start; and high-lift mechanism, which hydraulically raises the collection bin up to 60 inches to dump and unload the contents.

Other features include all-steel construction, collection boot that quickly and easily attaches to mower deck, handle on hose end for easy vacuuming of flower beds, hose clamp for attaching hose to collection boot and storage stands, complete with caster wheels.

A Sprayer for Small Places

The ESC53 from Prolawn Spray Shields is a maneuverable commercial-grade, low-profile shielded sprayer with an 8-gallon-deep well tank. The unit sprays up to 1 acre per tank and features locking front wheel to make it easier to fit through tight gates and side hills, rechargeable battery, FloJet electric pump, pressure regulator and ball indicators for spray efficiency.

A Cyclone for Compact Tractors

Buffalo Turbine’s Cyclone PTO is perfect for today’s compact tractors. The quiet, powerful and lightweight debris blower requires only 20 hp at the PTO and utilizes a cutting-edge direct drive gearbox.

Pump it Up

The 12-Volt Pump from CDS-John Blue Company has joined the line of liquid fertilizer and chemical applicator pumps and is available in three models with capacities of 2.2, 3.6 and 4.5 GPM. All models are available with quick-connect ports, which include a clear site glass strainer and five hose barb quick-connect fittings. Models are also available without the quick-connect ports and come standard with .5-inch NPT port.

The pump is protected against weather, dust and overspray and features chemical-resistant construction suitable for most fertilizers and chemicals.

Install Wire and Drip Irrigation at the Same Time

Install hidden pet fence, low-voltage lighting, control wires and subsurface drip irrigation all in one operation. The E-Z Cable Installer TP56 from E-Z Trench digs a trench, lays a wire or pipe and backfills the trench. The high-speed carbide blade digs approximately 20 feet per minute.

Software on the Go

CLIP Software’s new version, CLIPxe, features CLIP2Go, a software designed for Windows mobile devices. From Sensible Software, CLIP2Go has GPS and mapping capabilities to track crews and give directions. In addition to holding customer information, jobs and notes, the program allows you to add and modify information, record customers’ signatures and record times for each job.

Striping Bars for Your Mower

Power Chute Design’s PC Striping Bars are exact-fit striping bars color-matched and made specifically for your mower. Rises and lowers with your deck so it only stripes when you want it to, and the Striping Bars bend the grass for precise stripes.

Proper Topdressing

The 100 SP self-propelled, walking topdresser from Earth & Turf Products, LLC has a struck-level capacity of 10 cubic feet to permit fewer loads per job. It is powered by a 10.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and features a four-wheel stance to increase stability on hilly lawns and hydrostatic drive to make the unit user-friendly.

Lift Your Deck With the Flip of a Switch

Grasshopper’s 72-inch DuraMax FrontMount deck comes standard with the Powerfold electric height adjustment, which allows operators to life the 6-foot deck at the touch of a switch. This provides accessibility to the underside of the deck for simplified maintenance and mulching package installation, as well as space-saving portability and storage. PowerFold controls cutting height and lift functions with a single switch. Cutting heights range from1 to 4.5 inches, and you can return to a preset height any time. An optional armrest switch allows cutting height adjustment on the fly.

A Grass for Transition Climates

Sovereign bermudagrass answers the need of turf managers in the northern transition climates by providing cold tolerance in a vigorous seeded bermudagrass. From Pennington Seed, Sovereign displays the fine texture and green color that tolerates low cutting heights with exceptional cold tolerance.

Semi-Pneumatic Tires in More Sizes

OTR Wheel Engineering now offers different sizes of semi-pneumatic tires ranging from 15×6.0066 and 13×6.50-6 used in the turf and lawn and garden industry. This tire can withstand low impact and is flat resistant, meaning it can perform for hours without going flat.

Reuse Stored Rainwater

Simple to install and perfect for residential and commercial applications, Aquascape’s RainXchange underground rainwater harvesting system integrates easily into an existing landscape to capture and store water for reuse in the landscape. You can also combine an underground rainwater harvesting system with an aboveground pondless waterfall.

No More Messes

The Fluid Film Brush Can eliminates messy overspray for detailed applications, providing the same powerful protection and long-term lubrication of the Fluid Film aerosol. Ideal for use on battery terminals, hedge trimmer blades, tracks, runners, slides and numerous other applications where controlled consistency is desired.

Cord Management for Limited Space

The PC10 Series from Coxreels is a compact power cord and light reel. This model is ideal for limited space or budget. Crafted in heavy-gauge steel, it handles up to 30 feet of 16 and 12-gauge cord and features six cord accessory options.

Meet Your Spreading Needs

The Rover from Ground Logic is a commercial stand-on spreader powered by a Honda GX160 engine. The unit uses a heavy-duty Peerless transmission and features a direct-drive spinner and a top speed of 5 mph. The entire frame is fabricated from stainless steel.

Compost Tea Sprayer

Turbo Technologies’ newest addition to the Turf Sprayer line is the Compost Tea sprayer, designed specifically for compost tea, allowing the operator to easily adjust the pressure for desired aeration of compost tea.

The full sprayer line includes turf and tree sprayers from 50 to 750 gallons, which are equipped with Comet or Kappa pumps and Honda engines.

The Power of One

The AmeriDeck Loading System makes it easy for one person to load an unload anything up to 2,000 pounds into a full-size pick-up trick. With the new Ranch Sides attacment, you can now haul bulky items with ease.

Z-Max Jr.

The Z-Spray Mini Max from L.T. Rich is a junior version of the popular Z-Max and is only 35.5 inches wide, making it accessible to gated properties. Zero-turn steering makes the unit maneuverable, and twin, split, 7-gallon tanks allow the use of multiple liquid products. The all stainless steel 550-pound unit can also be transported on a carrier rack.

Easy Aerating

Lawn Solutions’ line of hydro walk-behind and ride-on aerators operate and drive like a mower with minimal operator fatigue. It can zero-turn without raising the tines and has the ability to aerate forward or backward for tight areas. The ride-on aerator has the ability to put 1,200 pounds over the tines and aerate up to 2 acres per hour, and can put plugs on 3.5-inch spacing to a depth of 4 inches, even while aerating on slopes up to 30 degrees.

Powerful and Emission-Friendly

Dolmar’s backpack blower PB7601.4 features an OHV, four-stroke, low-emission, fuel-efficient engine with hi-volume air flow. Operator features include a comfortable frame for even weight distribution, fatigue-reducing vibration dampers, low operation sound, convenient operator controls and PRO-padded straps. The 75.6cc engine offers 720 CFM air volume and 195 mph velocity.

A Tough Powertrain for a Tough Market

Designed for the commercial market, Hydro-Gear’s ZT-5400 Powertrain features heavy-duty shafts and bearings, automotive-style planetary gears and a piston pump and motor.

Maintain a Safe Work Surface

Handy’s Tear-Down Table has a stainless steel top for a clean, safe work surface and features a tabletop drain and reservoir for capturing toxic and hazardous spills. The top is constructed of a 14-gauge, 48-by-28-inch stainless-steel tabletop with .75-inch rim, which will contain all liquids.

Mow More Than Grass

Turf Teq’s Model 1304HC Fixed Frame Brush Cutter features a 13 hp Honda engine and is self-propelled with a fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission. The hydrostatic drive provides maximum productivity while operating in a variety of conditions. The operating speed is infinitely variable with the forward/reverse control lever at the operator’s right hand. There is no need to stop and change gears to increase or decrease speed or change direction. All controls are located at the operator handlebars.

Simpler is Better

SourceOne has updated the hydrostatic Plugr turf aerator. The PL855 HD is a simpler machine with a single, one-piece, hydrostatic transaxle, no chains and a solid cast cam with fewer parts.

Be Your Best

PermaGreen’s 2010 Triumph Spreader Sprayer is powered by a Honda engine and features all-stainless steel construction, an articulated sulky and 35.5-inch width. Ideal for tough lawns that are flat or hilly, big or small.

A Sprayer for All Four Seasons

EarthWay Products, Inc. has added the Spray-PRO line of ground-driven push sprayers to the EV-N-SPRED stable of broadcast and drop spreaders. The Spray-PRO line offers unique features and state-of-the-art pump technology developed by EarthWay to make a small-area sprayer perform for four-season use.

Easy Lawn Repair

The Grass Stitcher from Grass Stitcher LLC repairs damaged lawn areas quickly, easily and inexpensively.

It is lightweight and repairs lawns areas in three steps: roll the implement over the trouble spot, spread grass seed and sprinkle with water. It is effective even when used right over dead grass, and is ideal for reseeding areas damaged by pet urine or insects, and for transforming thin areas into lush lawns.

The tool features angled, spiked wheels that create the perfect environment for seed germination and the leveraged handle ensures correct planting depth every time.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

The Ecolawn Applicator 2010 topdresser is a multipurpose and motorized applicator built for professionals in turf care. The unit is ideal for topdressing, compost spreading and turf renovation, as well as seeding organic matter, fertilizer, lime and sand.

High-Production Aeration

The 38-inch Hooker tow-behind aerator features unique tine rotors that utilize the forward force of the vehicle to make holes up to 3 inches deep. The Hooker pulls loose plugs of soil, eliminating messy hard cores and soil compaction, and aerates 1.5 acres per hour at 5 mph.

Updated Walker Super B

The Walker Super B has been updated for 2010 with larger transmissions, a newly redesigned mechanical clutch/brake and a manually tensioned deck drive belt. The mower is powered by a 27 hp, air-cooled Kohler Command (or optional 26 hp EFI) and features comfortable steering configuration, high-quality deck and a tilt-up deck and body.