Hannay Spray Non-Corrosive Reels


The Spray Non-Corrosive (SNC) Series from Hannay Reels® is a line of reels that provide a significant advantage in strength and protection in corrosive environments. Designed specifically for lawn care, agriculture, horticulture, pest control, and other spray-related industries, they can handle a variety of applications, including water, pesticides, and fertilizer mixes.
The SNC Series is constructed primarily of 304-grade stainless steel (SST), including discs, axle hub, and welded frame. Non-SST components include the drum (aluminum), swivel joint, and bearings (plated)—all are upgradeable to SST.

Comparable in weight to aluminum construction, the lightweight, low-profile SNC Series can handle hoses with an inside diameter of 3/8″ through 5/8″ and up to 500′ long. Standard inlet is 90° full-flow swivel, 1/2″ FNPT threads; standard outlet is 1/2″ FNPT threads; and standard pressure is rated to 3000 psi (207 bar). Higher pressures are available.

Users can choose to have their reel outfitted with manual/crank or electric-powered rewind. Manual (direct crank) reels include both a pin lock and three-position cam-lock drag brake. Electric rewind reels (denoted by letter “E” at end of model) feature a plated chain/sprocket drive with guard. The motor for the power rewind is offered in 12VDC or 24VDC, as well as 115VAC. Additional SNC Series options include four-way roller guides, as well as lightweight aluminum reel stacking kits.

“We’re eager to continually engineer new, innovative solutions for spray applications. With more than 85 years of experience in the industry, we remain the leaders in custom hose and cable reel solutions,” said Jennifer Wing, Marketing Manager at Hannay Reels. “Customers deserve dependable products to keep their businesses running day in and day out, and we strive to provide that product every day.”