Have You Heard of a QR Code?


Gone are the days when you could drive down the road and see a payphone on every corner. Today, everyone (just about) has a cell phone in hand – and, a smartphone is one of the best tools that lawn care and landscape professionals can have in their equipment arsenal. With technology changing almost daily, these small, hand-held, pocket-sized computers allow you to do just about anything and everything to keep your business going while you’re on the road. And now, with QR, or quick response, codes, you have the power to instantly visit a website, online promotion, podcast or anything posted online. These are basically barcodes for the Internet. All you have to do is download an app to read the QR codes – which you can find at your app store or one of many websites, such as reader.kaywa.com – and then scan the QR code with the camera on your phone to connect you directly to the affiliated site. Instead of having to type in the website address – or podcast address, promotion address, etc. – you are quickly connected. Try it here on this QR code to learn more about this technology!

I first heard about these at GIE+EXPO last year. They have been mainstream in Japan for some time, but are just really starting to catch on in the United States. I’ve been seeing them at gas stations, posted on advertisements at the pumps for promotions and contests, and recently I got an e-mail from a clothing retailer that was posting QR codes around their stores, so you could scan any one of them to enter a contest for a cash prize.

There’s no doubt you’re going to start seeing these more and more, especially in Turf. Some of our advertisers have already started putting these in their ads to take you to a new feature on their website, a special in-season promotion they are offering, or a contest they are promoting. So, make sure you grab your phone before you start reading this month’s issue, and start thinking how you can use QR codes in your marketing materials!

Amy K. Hill