Holganix Partners with Pearl Valley Farms


GLEN MILLS, Pa. – Holganix LLC has announced a partnership with Illinois-based Pearl Valley Farm to produce an organic-based granular fertilizer called Holganix Granular with Healthy Grow.

Holganix manufactures a line of organic bionutritional products that contain living biology and other key ingredients to promote optimal plant, turf and tree health. Pearl Valley Farms is one of the country’s only self-sustaining egg farms, and a manufacturer of organic fertilizers.

Healthy Grow is a high-quality organic fertilizer produced by Pearl Valley Farms. It is an aerobically composted poultry fertilizer (ACCM) packed with important nutrients. Healthy Grow, in combination with Holganix’s living microbiology, provides organic matter that fuels the system supplying plants with balanced fertility.

The presence of organic matter contained in both Healthy Grow and Holganix, allows users to decrease synthetic inputs by more than 50 percent, while still yielding a healthy green color. The presence of organic matter and microbiology also helps the plant become more tolerant to stressful conditions like winter injury and drought. “Pearl Valley is looking forward to producing granular products with Holganix. Our unique process combined with the added biological value of Holganix creates a whole new level of synergy between two great products,” says Dave Thompson, founder and president of Pearl Valley Farms.