Honoring Veterans: Bartlett’s 2022 Saluting Branches Day of Service


Bartlett Branches

More than 80 arborists from Bartlett Tree Experts offices across the U.S. donated a day of tree work this past September to honor America’s military service men and women during the 8th annual Saluting Branches Day of Service. Bartlett arborists from 19 local offices volunteered their time to benefit the largest volunteer event of its kind in the tree care industry.

Millions of Americans pay their respects each year at national and state veterans’ cemeteries. During the day of service his year, Bartlett arborists performed pruning, root collar excavations and tree inspections for hazards at veterans’ cemeteries across the U.S. In addition to donating their expertise and time to safely provide tree care services at 15 national and state veteran’s cemeteries and properties, Bartlett made a financial donation to Saluting Branches as a partner-level sponsor for the successful day of service.

The teams of Bartlett arborists participating this year included many veterans who served our nation before joining the company. Among them is Ryan Clark, an arborist representative in the Johnson City, TN office. Clark served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 6 years before becoming an arborist. During the Saluting Branches Day of Service, Clark and his team worked at the Mountain Home National Cemetery in Johnson City. They completed large tree pruning, tree identifications and inspections.

“This is an opportunity to show we care not only about trees but about veterans as well,” Clark said. “I just think about my brothers being buried here and making sure their families are in a safe environment with beautiful trees when they visit. It pays respect for the sacrifices they have made.”

Bartlett arborists from the following offices participated in Saluting Branches this year:

Bartlett Salute

Saluting Branches was created by Rainbow Tree Care in 2015 and is now a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and honoring veterans. The organization’s President, Brian Bruce, said: “This is an important event for the arborist community and allows us to give back to those who have served us.”

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