Hurt Park In Downtown Atlanta Gets New Life From HGOR Firm


Hurt Park

The new and improved Hurt Park in Atlanta, GA, developed by HGOR and additional project partners, recently reopened. A key driver in the design centered around supporting Georgia State University’s (GSU) explosive growth.  Owned by the City of Atlanta and managed by GSU, Hurt Park is only a portion of the University’s grand vision and many individuals are thrilled to welcome vibrancy back to the Park.

Hurt ParkHurt Park, opened in 1940, was downtown Atlanta’s first public park since the 1860s and was one of Atlanta’s main attractions throughout the 40s and 50s, playing a prominent role in the area’s morphing into a thriving city center. Its notable characteristics included the Fountain of Light, an electric water display featuring a dazzling array of lights and waterspouts.

Since the beginning, GSU has wanted to renovate Hurt Park to keep students safe. With the growth of the GSU student population skyrocketing to more than 52,000 across six Atlanta campuses and the contribution of $2.8 billion in economic impact, the desire for renovations became even more of a priority.

Renovations included:

  • Fountain cleaning and restoration (new mechanics, electrical systems, and new lighting)
  • Incorporating required ADA-compliancy features
  • Cleaning, repairing, and repointing fountain wall and stairs
  • Adding necessary safety elements: handrails on stairs and increased lighting
  • Integrating concrete stage 30″ above front seating and seating area improvements
  • Remodeled pedestrian walkways widened for 20′ x 30′ stage
  • Enhanced surrounding greenspaces
  • Re-grading central lawn providing stage-like atmosphere and proper drainage components
  • Electrical capabilities meeting WiFi data requirements

Other safety endeavors included ensuring the park’s lighting followed the proper codes and that fixtures met the City of Atlanta’s standards. This was facilitated by installing mobile-use switches, while confirming the alignment with GSU facilities and removing outdated lights. To improve park visibility, HGOR worked with an arborist to create a clear line of sight, as many trees had become overgrown. The overall restoration plan prepared Hurt Park for installing security cameras – completing its safety initiative.  The newly restored Hurt Park now offers a greenspace with modern elements that aligns with the growing GSU’s campus and provides enhanced socialization opportunities.

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