Couldn’t make it to Irrigation Show this year? We’ve got you covered. Turf is on the ground, covering everything you need to know at the show. At the end of each day, we curate the top five moments from the busy day’s events — from announcements at press conferences to inspiring advice from educational sessions. Here are some of the top takeaways from Thursday, Dec. 8.


Three landscape products won the Irrigation Show’s New Product Contest:

  1. Best New Specialty Landscape Product: Georipper by Minitrencher, a handheld portable trencher
  2. Best New Landscape Lighting Product: LED MR 16 Single Lens with Replaceable Optics by Illumicare, uses 75 percent less energy
  3. Best New Landscape Irrigation Product: HRC 400 b-hyve Pron Wifi controller with smart meter link by Hydro-Rain Inc, smart meter controller


Since rainfall is unique to each site, weather stations should be located as close to the actual site as possible. Urban and rural areas have varying weather differences that can affect the water and care a green space needs. The effectiveness of rainfall depends on: the amount of water in the soil, the intensity of the event and the duration of the event.

– ET and Irrigation Management, Brent Mecham, industry development director for the Irrigation Association


Irrigation designers are being forced to look at all potential water sources. The key is to make sure to select a water source that won’t kill the plants and one that doesn’t require extreme remediation. Reclaimed water doesn’t always reach standards that we need. The treatment depends on what contaminates are present. The three contaminant categories are: particulate, biological and chemical.

-Water Quality of Alternate Sources, Art Elmers


The Irrigation Foundation is launching a scholarship program. Scholarships from $1,800 to $2,500 will be available. Applications can be submitted now and the winner will be chosen in spring 2017 for the following fall semester. The foundation is encouraging applicants from universities, colleges, community colleges and vocational schools. Learn more at


The 14th Faculty Academy took place this year and was separated into two programs: landscape and agriculture. The upcoming Faculty Academy for landscape this year will take place in Orlando, Florida, with the horticultural staff at Walt Disney World.

Also, the Irrigation Association held a certification luncheon at the show in Vegas this week and awarded 40 professionals who have been certified for 20 years or more.

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