What’s In My Truck: Joshua Tree


Equipped with a Toyota Corolla, Jeff Dietrich, a sales rep/account manager for Joshua Tree in Stockertown, Pennsylvania, says he’s able to “zip around” the company’s large service radius. He spends most of his days visiting with clients — and potential clients — in his wrapped vehicle, which Dietrich says is “as stickered up as a NASCAR car.” Of course, he says that driving a wrapped vehicle has taken some getting used to. Not that Dietrich says he was by any means a crazy driver, but when you’re constantly representing your company in what he calls a “rolling billboard,” you truly have to be on your best behavior at all times. Dietrich says that has also meant keeping a neat and tidy vehicle, which he adds hasn’t been difficult since he’s a bit of a neat freak. Turf spoke with Dietrich about Bluetooth (which he calls a “necessity” for someone who is on the road all day) while he was on his way to preview a potential client’s property, as well as other things that keep him going as he’s out and about on the road every day.

I listen to a lot of talk radio when I’m in the car all day. If it’s a particularly early morning, and I’m feeling really tired, I might throw on some metal via a Pandora station. That definitely wakes me up.

My phone rings constantly. Having Bluetooth in the car has been incredibly important for that reason. I’ll do a lot of my calls with customers — and potential customers — while I’m driving around. The trick is to remember everything when you get a chance to pull over and write it down.

I started out my career as a tree climber — and I’m still a climber at heart. I still drive around with all my climbing gear and my hard hat even though I never use it anymore. My primary role now is as a sales rep, but climbing is in my blood. When I have spare time, I rock climb.

It’s hard to spend the whole day in the car and still be healthy. The drive-through is just a quick and easy meal when you have to eat on the go, as I often do. I don’t have time to pull over and eat a salad. But I’ve gotten in the habit of ordering burritos from Don Pablo’s to go. That’s at least a healthier choice than a lot of the drive-through choices.

I try my best to fit in physical activity to counteract all the driving and the sitting. Of course, that’s not always easy with life and with a family. I’m selling my ride-on mower for a push mower, and I try to rock climb and mountain bike when I can. I also recently installed a basketball hoop in the driveway to shoot hoops with my 9-year-old daughter. As with anything, it’s a balance to try and fit everything in, but I do my best.

The Essentials

OFF! Bug Spray — The gnats are terrible around here.

Sunscreen — The brand doesn’t matter to me, as long as it works.

Reference books — I have a crate full of reference books on identifying diseases and other concerns.

An umbrella and raincoat — I’m out there with clients even in bad weather. I give the customer the umbrella, and I put on my raincoat.