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Dixie Chopper Make A Wish

Dixie Chopper Grants Wish To 15-Year-Old Tennessee Boy: This Week’s Industry News

Want to keep up with the latest news in lawn care and landscaping? Check back every Thursday for a quick recap of recent happenings...

You Have a Wealth of Mower Choices

There’s never been a better time to purchase mowers — that is if you like variety. Twenty eight mower suppliers exhibited at the 2016...

2017 Product Roundup: Mowers

In the market for a new mower? Check out these 30+ mowers for professionals in the landscape industry.

Dixie ‘Chopper Army’ Commands Respect at 2015 EXPO

Dixie Chopper’s “Chopper Army” returned to the GIE+EXPO in Louisville as the mower manufacturer continued its military-themed marketing campaign throughout the week. “We introduced Chopper...
Chasing the American Dream

Chasing the American Dream

Justin Porter starts early and leaves late to provide 'Tip Top' services in South Florida.

Dixie Chopper Wins Manufacturer Award

COATESVILLE, Ind. –The North American Equipment Dealer Association (NAEDA) has announced Dixie Chopper, part of Jacobsen, a Textron, Inc. company, as the winner of...

Dixie Chopper Appoints National Sales Manager

COATESVILLE, Ind. – Dixie Chopper, owned by Jacobsen, a Textron, Inc. company, has appointed a new national sales manager. Jason Sentell, previously a Dixie Chopper...
Dixie Chopper

Dixie Chopper Employee Sets Guinness World Record

COATESVILLE, Indiana - Dixie Chopper has received confirmation from Guinness World Records that its employee, Eli Kean, set the world record for Largest Area...

24 Hours on a Mower Seat

Dixie Chopper's Eli Kean breaks world record for endurance mowing.
Dixie Chopper

How Many Acres Can You Mow in 24 Hours?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Update - see the results here. LONDON, Ohio - How many acres of turfgrass can a young man mow in 24 hours? Why...
Dixie Chopper

Dixie Chopper Attempting to Set Guinness World Record

EDITOR'S NOTE: Update - read about the event here. On Aug. 19-20, Dixie Chopper will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record for most...

Dixie Chopper Bluegrass Tour Kicks Off

Dixie Chopper is geared up to start a small tour through the Midwest starting next week to kick off the start of the spring cutting...

USDA’s Most Recent Plans For Eliminating Asian Longhorned Beetle

Currently, 278.3 square miles are under federal quarantine for Asian longhorned beetle in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and South Carolina. Here's what to look for.
Buddleia Violet

Outsmarting Invasives

Today’s low seed set sterile cultivars are not your parent’s Bradford Pears.

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Looking for uniform solutions for your large team? An unmatched inventory and versatile looks are just a few reasons why companies trust Dickies®.
Aspire Brava

Aspire Pavers by Brava Debuts Four New Paver Products

Aspire Pavers by Brava has introduced the Bullnose with Legs, Bullnose Corner, Transition with Legs, and Transition Corner new paver products.
Green Roof Installation

Green Roof Installation

Why limit your landscaping services? Take them to greater heights.
Autonomous Snow Plow

Remote-Operated, Autonomous Industrial Snow Plow Hits The Market

Teleo and Storm Equipment have introduced America’s only remote-operated and autonomous industrial snow plow.

Proposed Tax Break For Government Snow Removal Equipment In CA

California Senate Bill 546 proposes an exemption from the state sales and use tax for public entities purchasing dedicated snow removal vehicles.