Distributors are vital cogs in the landscape/lawn service industry supply chain. This is as true for outdoor landscape lighting products as it is for mowers and other landscape equipment.

The job of a distributor is simple — buy product to sell product. But a good distributor partner provides so much more. When looking at your supply options, it’s important to consider more than just price.What additional services do you expect both before and after the sale, and which supplier is best equipped to deliver? Many distributors now offer training, both online and in person.

Plus, many offer on-site lighting demonstrations, giving you a chance to get hands-on experience with installation and design. While you could attend the training and still purchase product elsewhere, what happens if you have questions on the project or have an issue with the product? Having a store or knowledgeable distributor personnel close by can help resolve many issues quickly.Most distributor partners offer a wide variety of landscape lighting products and brands so that your clients have a complete selection of style, composition and color.

While specialized lighting products may not be on the shelf that day, most manufacturers offer overnight delivery so that your job continues on time, with the exact look your client demands. Virtually all distributor partners offer extended credit terms, helping you better manage out-of-pocket expenses through the job. Your local distributor has a vested interest in your success and that makes for a mutually beneficial alliance.