Future Trends in Landscape Water Conservation


Where is the future of water conservation in the U.S. heading? Look for these trends to intensify over the next few years and decades:

Increased regulation.
Based on current trends and the spectre of long-term drought, we believe the growing attention to water use legislation is just the tip of the iceberg. Look for more and more municipalities in the western region to institute watering bans and other restrictions, and for water quality restrictions to tighten throughout the nation. We are also likely to see an increase in temporary water bans in areas experiencing short-term drought conditions.

Greater interest in alternative irrigation water sources.
As quality drinking water becomes increasingly scarce, expect to see greater interest an ingenuity surrounding irrigation water sourcing, from rain catchment to water recycling. Innovative solutions for water distribution will also be in high demand.

Increased use of irrigation technology.
Nationwide, 82 percent of the landscape contractors we surveyed reported that most of their clients’ irrigation systems had room for improvement. As water prices continue to rise across the country, look for rising interest in and receptivity to installing smart controllers and other high-tech irrigation monitoring equipment as organizations, municipalities and individuals seek to maximize water savings.

Xeriscaping will become mainstream.
It’s already becoming the norm in some areas, but we think landscaping for minimal water use will continue its rise in popularity as water becomes ever more precious and as people get used to the alternate aesthetic.

While these changes won’t be welcomed by everyone, they do represent opportunity for the contractor ready and willing to take on the challenges our changing water scene presents.

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