Mariani Landscape Acquires 7 Companies, Looking For More



Yesterday, Mariani Landscape announced that it experienced record growth over the last 18 months and recently acquired seven premium, family-owned landscape companies. As part of the integration, the companies are maintaining their brands and leadership teams. The companies that have joined the Mariani Landscape family are all local industry leaders and include:

  • Berghoff Design Group / BDG Maintenance
  • Designs by Sundown
  • Hoffman Landscapes
  • NatureWorks Landscape Services
  • Rocco Fiore & Sons
  • RP Marzilli
  • Woodlawns Landscape Company

The dramatic growth has been driven by Mariani Landscape’s decision in December 2020 to create a “family of family companies” and extend its reach and influence within the residential market. Mariani plans to continue inviting additional high-end, family-owned residential landscape companies to join the team.

“As we seek to create the best residential landscape company in the world, we are partnering with companies that are the best at what they do in their local markets. We trust them and fully support their management teams, and we add value by creating services that elevate their client and associate experiences,” said Mariani Landscape Chairman Frank Mariani. “We didn’t want to replicate what we’ve seen in the commercial landscape industry, where companies were absorbed and local management was removed. The companies that have joined us so far have set a great precedent that this is a business model that works well and benefits everyone.”

“Companies that join Mariani Landscape will find they won’t lose their identity, and that they’re still in control of their destinies,” said Bob Marzilli, president of RP Marzilli in Boston. “When joining our group, owners remain an integral part of their company. They’re not simply selling their companies and leaving.”

“Frank Mariani is such a trusted leader in our field, and is organizing a dream team of residential landscape companies–companies that provide the best services in the leading markets, that offer competitive benefits to employees, and the most promising career path in the industry,” said Mike Hoffman, president and CEO of Hoffman Landscapes in Connecticut.

One of the most valuable resources that the Mariani Landscape family of companies offers is what Mariani Landscape refers to as the “ultimate peer group”–a platform service in which leadership teams across companies can draw insights, share experiences, and solve problems.

“The peer group that has been created through the Mariani family of companies is invaluable. Everyone brings an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to the table,” said Jeff Berghoff, president of Berghoff Design Group in Phoenix. “There are so many best practices being shared, allowing all of the companies to evolve. We’re truly one large company invested in helping everyone succeed.”

“The neatest thing is that each of us operates independently. We don’t have anyone from Mariani Landscape coming over saying, you need to do it this way or that way,” said Charlie Noll, president and founder of Woodlawns Landscape Company in Chicago. “We share resources and services, but the leadership team at Mariani trusts me to run my company, and doesn’t want to change that.”

The new Mariani Landscape family of companies operates with a deliberate focus on delivering world-class client experiences, compelling and rewarding career opportunities, and making sure their associates are being great stewards of the earth through green initiatives and landscaping best practices.

“Our industry hasn’t progressed at the rate of other industries with respect to adopting technology and prioritizing things like career growth. We at Mariani plan to move the needle in that regard and set the tone for innovation for the industry,” said Matt Gramer, president of NatureWorks Landscape Services in Massachusetts.

“I joined Mariani Landscape because I love Frank’s vision to be the world’s best residential landscape company,” said Bill Blodgett, president of Mariani Landscape in Chicago. “We’re doing good for the earth, doing good for the environment, and bringing joy to people. There’s no other company I’d rather be with than with Mariani.”

Mariani Landscape plans to continue proactively pursuing residential landscape companies that align with its core values, and is looking to expand into several new states in the coming months.

“Call any one of us owners that have joined this endeavor and ask us just one question, ‘Would you do this again if the opportunity presented itself?’ And the answer is absolutely,” said Michael Hommel, president of Designs by Sundown in Colorado. “It’s been the best ride I’ve ever had and has exceeded my expectations five-fold.”

For those interested in discussing a potential alliance with Mariani Landscape, email