Maximize Winter Productivity With Turf Teq Machines

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to winter snow removal contracts, grounds care professionals know that speed and productivity can make or break their season. And with economic uncertainty in the forecast, a profitable winter is critical to the health of landscaping and snow removal businesses nationwide. In fact, businesses that figure out how to get the most out of their crews and equipment this year stand to gain the most in 2021 and beyond.

According to Tyler Templeton, General Manager of Turf Teq, demand is high for a certain type of snow removal machine. “Folks are looking for ways to do more with less. For their business to stay strong, they need to complete more work in less time, and with less manpower.”Turf Teq


That means they’re looking for machinery that will help them work faster and smarter. Turf Teq manufactures walking-forward, commercial-grade brooms and plows that are designed to save time, and that’s a key benefit going into this winter season. These machines are especially fast at clearing sidewalks, allowing one laborer to replace a full crew of shovelers.

Says Templeton, “Our customers tell us that they’re choosing our machines because they’ll get more work done in less time. Or in some cases due to labor shortages, they want to get the same amount of work done but with less manpower. It’s win-win for them either way.”

Machines Designed For Productivity

Turf Teq designs their snow removal machines to maximize productivity in a number of ways. According to Templeton, “Our 46-inch-wide Power Broom has 33% more sweeping area than the competition. That means crews can get more snow cleared in fewer passes. At a mall, campus or health care center, that saves considerable time.”

Smart design plays a part in helping snow removal pros get from one job to the next quickly. Their Power Broom has adjustable down-force so that operators can set the brush to clear snow right down to the surface, minimizing the need to follow with a hand shovel or salt spreader. Their Power Plow has an oscillating blade that follows the contours of the ground for even clearing. And both machines include features that prevent damage to turf and surrounding elements like curbs.

“When your machines don’t damage your clients’ property, you’ll save time and money by not having to perform post-season repairs,” says Templeton. “Despite its high capacity for throwing snow, our Power Broom has a soft touch that won’t damage stamped concrete, pavers, brick or even wood surfaces. So your clients will be happy you’re not ripping up their properties.”

Multi-Use Flexibility For Maximum ROI

When buying snow removal machines, smart contractors look for equipment that allows them to get the most bang for their buck. For Turf Teq, that means their multi-use attachments are a popular add-on.

According to Jim Day, one of the designers of Turf Teq’s machines, “Our multi-use attachments allow you to turn your broom into an edger, or your plow into a brush cutter without the need to buy two separate machines. It can be quite a cost savings.”Turf Teq


Because any of the Turf Teq multi-use machines can accept any of their attachments, this unique system allows grounds care companies to make use of a single machine year round.

“We have customers that have one machine for spring edging, summer brush mowing, fall seedbed prep and winter snow removal,” says Day. “Swapping attachments is easy and it ultimately saves them money.”

Time Is Money

According to Templeton, Turf Teq machines help have helped scores of landscapers and snow removal businesses nationwide become more profitable.

“Our customers tell us they’re able to land more snow contracts and do more work without increasing their labor costs or overhead. Our machines help their crews work so much faster, they get more jobs done in less time and ultimately make more money in the process. As far as equipment purchases go, Turf Teq machines are a smart investment.”

About Turf Teq

Turf Teq is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of commercial grounds care equipment. Their machines are prized by landscaping and snow removal professionals for their productivity, durability and smart design. To learn more, call them at 484-798-6300 or visit them online at