Natural Turf Blend Fertilizer From Plant Nutrition Technologies


Turf Blend, a new 100% natural fertilizer, has been announced by Plant Nutrition Technologies. “The turf industry needs a natural fertilizer that is robust, but free of synthetic chemicals,” Dennis Amoroso, company president said. “After several months of research and experimentation, we have developed a unique product perfectly suited for creating high- quality turf.”

Turf Blend incorporates deep-core earth, biomass and proprietary elements. The result is a bio-mineral product rich in nutrients, healthy bacteria, and fungi that helps deliver nutrients to the plant’s roots. Enzymes, bacteria and organisms all act together to assist growth.

Turf Blend from Plant Nutrition Technologies

The fertilizer is easily spread on the turf’s surface and provides a growing environment that strengthens roots and creates a durable, lush surface. As a natural product, there is no chemical runoff or related reporting issues. Further, the product creates an environment that retains moisture and reduces irrigation requirements. An extensive trial of Turf Blend was successfully completed at Greenhorn Creek Resort in Angel’s Camp, CA. Plant Nutrition Technologies products, which use rock powder from deep core earth as a base, are certified 100% natural by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.