New Autonomous Mower: The Toadi

Already available in Europe, Toadi is now being launched in the U.S.


Newly launched in the U.S., Toadi is an AI-powered robotic mower with object recognition and security features for safe lawn mowing. While Toadi is currently available throughout Europe, Americans will now have access to the autonomous landscaping robot.

The Toadi self-driving lawn robot works by integrating a camera with artificial intelligence to recognize and avoid objects in front of it, such as trees, animals, and other people. Unlike many robots, the technology behind Toadi’s autonomous AI-powered features is similar to that of a Tesla, which is currently revolutionizing the automotive industry. Simply walk around a designated area and the mower will recognize its dimensions and start mowing with its titanium coated blades. The mower can also map new areas by itself, and it’s possible to designate no-mowing areas.

The mower also offers security elements. Its security features include night vision up to 98′ long, and Toadi continuously keeps a 20′ distance with people it encounters. At the same time, it sends an alert to the owner’s phone about any stranger in the yard.

The Toadi company prioritizes sustainability in its production methods by using 3D printing and 81% durable materials. It also places production facilities in the countries in which it operates in order to hire local talent.

“Toadi is designed to make the life of people with a lawn easier. Since there’s no need for perimeter wire, you don’t have to chop up your yard. The guarding function will make you feel safer,” comments Wesley Lorrez, Founder.