New Excavator Brush Cutters From John Deere


Early this year, John Deere introduced two new additions to its family of attachments for excavators: the RE40 and RE50 Rotary Brush Cutters.

The RE40 and RE50 brush cutters’ directionally beveled blades push material into the head of the cutter, creating fine debris for recycling. The blades are also reversible, so when the leading-edge wears, they can be unbolted and flipped over for a fresh cutting edge. An automatic hydraulic braking system quickly stops the blade rotation after the machine is turned off, so operators can exit the cab.

Brush Cutters

Equipped with a bolt-on mounting system, the RE cutters offer flexible configuration to a variety of coupling systems. If coupling requirements change, the units can be quickly and easily reconfigured.

The RE40 and RE50 brush cutters “offer customers a means to step into the growing vegetation management segment of machine use,” said Jason Simmons, Project Manager of Global Attachments at John Deere Construction and Forestry Division.

These brush cutters help landscaping and tree care professionals achieve high productivity, uptime and low operating costs. They are tested in the toughest applications, ensuring they are durable and will get the job done.

RE40 and RE50 Rotary Brush Cutters are available as dealer installed kits for the John Deere 35, 50/60 and 75/85 model excavators. While these attachments are tested and optimized to work with John Deere excavators, they are also compatible with many competitive 3–10 ton excavator models.